March 4, 2024

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Piñera's sister revealed the former Chilean president's last words before his fatal crash

Piñera's sister revealed the former Chilean president's last words before his fatal crash

“You jump first.”These were the last words of former Chilean President Sebastian Piñera before he died in a helicopter crash in the south of the Andean country.

This is how he made it known His sister MagdalenaOne of the passengers on the plane that crashed into Lake Chile.

According to Directorate General of Civil Aeronautics (DGAC) data, the Robinson R66 helicopter (owned by the former President and Directed by him) suffered Mechanical problems Minutes after take off from the Ilihue sector while flying over Rango Lake located in the Los Rios area.

In this situation, Pinera He told his three companions, his sister Magdalena, businessman Ignacio Guerrero, and his son Bautista, to jump into the reflecting pool to save their lives.

“You jump first, because if I jump with you, the helicopter will fall on all of us.”Piñera, according to his sister's testimony, was exposed in the Chilean media by former minister Carla Rupiler.

“He was a great man, a very generous man and a very brave man.”She excitedly, yet in shock, Magdalena Pinera EcheniqueSister of the former president of Chile.

Meanwhile, the prosecutor's office investigating the crash announced the death of Chile's former president Asphyxiation by drowning.

The remains of Piñera, who died aged 74, underwent an autopsy overnight at the Forensic Medical Service in the southern city of Valdivia and were flown to the Chilean capital in the morning for state honors.

“As the attorney general's office, we are now in a position to inform the community Medicolegal cause of death Former President Sebastian Piñera drowned and suffocated,” Tatiana Esquivel, a lawyer for the Los Rios region where the accident occurred, told reporters.

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“We don't have a theory (about his death), but this forensic or medico-legal data allows us to develop a very plausible theory of what the mechanics of this plane crash might have been. At this time, Rangoville (Lake) has a technical team dedicated to expert reports,” he said. He also said.

The helicopter of Chile's two-term president (2010-2014 and 2018-2022) crashed into the waters of Lake Rango, a tourist area in southern Chile full of lakes, forests and volcanoes.