December 7, 2023

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Pixel tablet may get ‘pen’ and ‘keyboard’ extensions

Pixel tablet may get ‘pen’ and ‘keyboard’ extensions

The Pixel Tablet launched this week to mixed reception, in part because Google’s tablet lacks any first-party productivity accessories. But new evidence suggests that Google is working on releasing “Pen” and “Keyboard” accessories for the Pixel Tablet.

As Abner Li explains in his review, the Pixel Tablet is “primarily an Android tablet,” but it focuses on different ideas than the rest of the pack. Rather than compete with iPads and Samsung tablets, Google has focused on a Nest Hub-like add-on that works remarkably well, all things considered. But that focus means that users are left without any well-integrated ways to get things done with their tablet, as there’s no keyboard that can really feel “native” with the device.

But it looks like Google may end up offering these extensions at a later date.

The evidence highlighted Android Authority It’s also confirmed by our own Dylan Roussel that Google is working on keyboard and stylus accessories for the Pixel Tablet. These accessories are referred to as “Keyboard for Pixel Tablet” and “Pen for Pixel Tablet”, and unfortunately no further details are available.

In addition, Dylan also found strings related to the pen update.

To get the most out of your stylus, install the latest Android update

Install Android update

While I still think Google is probably making the right move by not offering these extensions right away, it does, to be honest, make more sense to make them available. The Pixel Tablet already supports a USI 2.0 stylus, and the pins used to dock the tablet are just begging for a magnetic keyboard.

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It’s unclear at this point when these accessories might appear, or how much they could cost. Will they sway you to buy a Pixel Tablet, though?

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