May 22, 2024

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Russia destroyed postal infrastructure in Odessa in another ballistic missile attack

Russia destroyed postal infrastructure in Odessa in another ballistic missile attack
A Russian missile struck a post office in Odessa, injuring 14 people

After a total of nine civilians were killed in two earlier attacks this week, Russian forces again attacked Ukraine's Odesa port with ballistic missiles last night. At this time delete a shop And one Office of major private postal company from Ukraine, Noah Poshta.

According to the company statement, there were no deaths or injuries among its employees as a result of the attack, but 14 people outside Nova Poshta They were injured in last night's attack, the third time this week that Russia has launched ballistic missiles against the port of Odessa.

A Russian missile struck a post office in Odessa, injuring 14 people.

“The estimated value of packages destroyed due to the attack will be fully refunded to customers.”The company announced that it will be sent to another of its warehouses Odessa Upcoming exports to damaged infrastructure.

Emergency service workers try to put out a fire after a Russian attack in Odessa (Ukrainian Emergency Service via AP)

Russian missiles have damaged buildings near infrastructure Damaged emailsAs announced by the head of the military administration of the Odessa region, Oleg Kiper.

Russia hit Odessa again this Wednesday with ballistic missilesThree people died.

The Russian Defense Ministry said several hours later, without providing further details, Reached the headquarters of the Ukrainian Southern CommandIt is situated Odessa.

Firefighters work at a postal warehouse destroyed during a Russian missile strike amid Russia's attack on Ukraine (REUTERS/Nina Liashonok)

The most influential media in Ukraine have yet to report on this coup against the headquarters. Ukrainian Southern Command of the Russian Defense MinistryIt did not give details about the effects of the alleged attack.

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Regional authorities and the Ukrainian military announced the attack with three ballistic missiles throughout Wednesday through their official channels. Iskandar-M Published last night Russian forces against Odessa Three people have died.

The Ukrainian Southern Command announced the destruction on social media “Administrative and Residential Buildings” and medical and educational infrastructure. “Anti-sabotage operations are being carried out to identify possible associates of Russian terrorists,” the message said.

A view shows a post office destroyed during a Russian missile attack (REUTERS/Nina Liashonok)

Air Force Spokesperson Ilya Yevlash Russia launched its attack with three ballistic missiles, the National Television News Service said today Iskandar-M vs “Densely populated areas of Odessa”.

Recalling that ballistic missiles are very difficult to shoot down, Yevlash stressed that only the missile systems at Ukraine's disposal are capable of intercepting them. American made Patriot missiles.

A military spokesman insisted that Ukraine did not Adequate patriotic organizations It urged its allies to send more batteries of this type to protect all its areas.

Port of Odessa a A regular target of Russian missiles and drones. The city's port, and especially infrastructure dedicated to grain exports, has been a priority objective for Russia since last summer.

Ukrainian officials have warned that Russia is seeking to devastate the Ukrainian economy and disrupt the daily lives of its residents with attacks against civilian infrastructure, such as last night's destruction of a warehouse and office. Noah Poshta.

A Iskander ballistic missile was launched by Russia during the day on Monday against the tourist district of Arcadiain the south Odessa, Killed six people They also set fire to a part of the historic building known as 'Harry Potter Castle'.

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According to the military and the Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine, The The missile used by Russia in the attack was loaded with cluster bombs.

In the videos released by the Ukrainian authorities, the Different auxiliary bomb blasts This type of ammunition is developed and designed to cause maximum damage over an extended area.

More than thirty people were injured in the attack. Some of them were walking on the part of the footpath that passed the blast site.

Destruction in the eastern Ukrainian town of Chasiv Yar, where Russia raids Ukraine (Patrol Police of Ukraine via AP)

This Thursday, Russia claimed responsibility for capturing another city in eastern UkraineClose to town AvdivkaMoscow's troops are on the offensive and have made several breakthroughs in recent days.

Russian troops They rush to advance before kyiv gets new military aid The American was delayed for months and the Ukrainian army was at a disadvantage due to lack of ammunition.

Moscow's Defense Ministry indicated that its troops “They completely liberated the city of Berdichi”After Ukraine announced its withdrawal from the city on Sunday.

Berdichi It is 12 kilometers from Avdivka The largest city in a line of cities in eastern Ukraine Russia says it was taken in recent weeks.

Commander of the Ukrainian Army, Oleksandr ChirskyHe admitted on Sunday that the situation on the front had “deteriorated” and that Russian troops had achieved “tactical victories” in several areas.

Russia has been on the offensive since the failure of a major counteroffensive by Ukraine in mid-2023, benefiting from the wear and tear of Kyiv's military, which has had trouble recruiting new soldiers to repel the invasion that began in February 2022.

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(With information from EFE and AFP)