December 2, 2023

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Pokémon Sleep launching in July: how it will work

Pokémon Sleep launching in July: how it will work

If you must catch them all, first catch some z’s.

the The Pokemon Company revealed on Thursday new trailer to Pokemon sleepan app first introduced in 2019 that will allow users to track their nighttime rest.

Japanese gaming company I also announce that registration is now open On the Google Play app store for the game – a term used loosely in this case. Early registration will allow users to be notified when the app launches sometime by the end of July.

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how to play’

The smartphone app is like a standard sleep tracker with the addition of some adorable little Pokemon creatures, from the iconic Pikachu to the floating Jigglypuff.

However, the main resident of the island where the adventure takes place is – surprise, surprise – the large and dormant blue oak known as Snorlax. Players will work with a professor who studies other Pokémon’s sleep habits as they fill in a “sleep style,” a play on the popular game. Pokedex From the knowledge that allowed Pokemon hunters like Ash Ketchum to classify the different species they encountered.