December 5, 2023

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Portugal returns to emergency for a week after Corona virus outbreak

Portugal returns to health emergency on December 1 to curb another wave of corona virus infections, Compulsory use of masks in closed areas or Digital vaccination certification is required to access restaurants, hotels and gyms.

“Because these actions are justified Are adequate and proportional to the risk we experiencePrime Minister Antonio Costa told a news conference.

Ruler agrees “It’s better than most European countries, but not as good as we’d like. “ He added: “That’s why it’s the right time to take new action.”

Costa pointed out: “This week’s restraint is aimed at achieving intense contact and family contact after a period we all know, We will avoid going across with people from different houses.

Thus he said It seeks to “not approach the tragic January 2022 of January 2022”.

According to the latest data from the country’s Ministry of Health There are 251 cases per 100,000 population During the 14-day referral period, the virus reproduction rate of 1.25 new infections was detected per case.

Although 86% of people are vaccinated, Due to a recent increase in infections The highest number of hospital admissions since July, The number of patients will double in two weeks, according to the Sputnik news agency.

In addition to the use of mandatory synstrap or certificates, Boundary restrictions will be tightened. Even vaccinated travelers will be forced to present a negative test to enter the country.

Similarly, re-teleworking is recommended whenever possible and a “Infection Prevention Week” After family reunions at Christmas, the establishment of mandatory remote homework and club closures from January 2 to 9.

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According to the latest official data, Portugal has added 1,130,000 cases and 18,370 deaths since the outbreak.