February 29, 2024

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Green-eyed “Afghan woman” expelled from Italy by National Geographic

Cover of National Geographic magazine since 1985, with the then woman Sharpat Kula and her stunning, deep green eyes (Steve McCurry / National Geographic) symbolizing the wars in Afghanistan

Italy granted asylum to Sharpat Kula, தி “Afghan girlGreen eyes in a 1985 photo National Geography The Prime Minister’s Office said on Thursday that his country had become a symbol of war Mario Tracy. The government subsequently intervened Kula asked for help to get out of Afghanistan after the Taliban captured it in August, According to a report, his visit is part of a larger plan to evacuate and integrate Afghan civilians.

The famous “Afghan girl” came Italy The Italian government announced on Thursday that the Afghans were part of a Western expulsion from the West following the Taliban’s takeover of the country. The prime minister’s office said he had arranged for his deportation குல்லா After she asked for help to leave the country. According to the report, the Italian government will now help her integrate into life in Italy.

American photographer Steve McCurry Took the picture of Kula When I was a child living in a refugee camp on the border Pakistan And Afghanistan.

His green eyes stand alone on his face, bound by a veil of rage and pain. She became internationally famous, but her identity was only discovered in 2002 when McCurry returned to the area and discovered her..

Sharpat Kula, La "Afghan girl" In the November 2016 file photo, the 1985 National Geographic photo shows the green-eyed woman who became a symbol of her country's wars (Reuters)
Sharpat Kula, the “Afghan woman” with green eyes, became a national geographic photograph in 1985, symbolizing her country’s wars, in a November 2016 file photo (Reuters)

An FBI investigator, forensic expert and iris detector have verified his identity, he said. National Geography At the time.

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Italy It is one of several Western countries that have flown hundreds of Afghans out of the country since US forces withdrew in August and the Taliban seized power. This is a statement In which he announced his arrival Kulla in Rome, Draghi’s office said, “His photograph is a symbol of the differences and conflict of the chapter of history that Afghanistan and its people went through at the time.”.

He said he received the requests.Those who are part of civil society and, in particular, non-profit organizations working in Afghanistan”Supports request for assistance குல்லா Have to leave the country.

Italy Arranged his trip to Italy “As part of a broader plan to expel Afghan civilians and the government’s plan to welcome and integrate them”According to the report.

In 2016, Pakistan Arrested Kula For forging a national identity card in an attempt to enter the country. Then the human rights NGO Amnesty International (AI) condemned their expulsion, calling it a “grave injustice.”

The then Afghan President, Ashraf Gani, Welcomed him and promised him an apartment to confirm.Live with dignity and security in your homeland”.

American photographer Steve McCurry in front of his portrait "Afghan girl", June 2009 (Reuters)
American photographer Steve McCurry in front of his portrait “Afghan Girl” in June 2009 (Reuters)

Taliban leaders have said they respect women’s rights under Islamic law since coming to power. However, under the Taliban government from 1996 to 2001, girls could not work and girls could not go to school. Women should cover their faces and stay with male relatives when they leave the house.

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