October 3, 2023

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Queen Letizia celebrates Spain’s World Cup victory as the royal family stays at home

Queen Letizia celebrates Spain’s World Cup victory as the royal family stays at home


When Spain’s women’s soccer team beat England in the Women’s World Cup final, the Queen of Spain was there to celebrate with them, while the British royal family – who decided to stay home – said her team was winners regardless.

Joined by her youngest daughter, 16-year-old Infanta Sofia, the Spanish royal family watched the match at Sydney’s Stadium Australia from the Directors’ Box alongside FIFA President Gianni Infantino and Spanish sporting officials.

“Champions! Champions! World Champions!” the Spanish royal family He wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“You are the best footballers in the world. This is football and it is history!

“Thank you, the Spanish women’s soccer team, for making Spain rock.”

Before the match, Letizia and Sofia spoke to the Spanish media, saying that the team were indeed “champions”.

“No matter what happens, they are really champions,” said the Queen, while talking about how the Spanish women’s soccer team has worked really hard and overcome obstacles.

While Sofia said she was looking forward to the match, there was something else she was expecting more – “going into the dressing room afterwards as well to congratulate (the Spanish women’s football team) no matter what happens”.

Queen Letizia celebrates with the Spanish fans after Spain won the Women's World Cup final.

according to statement Released by the Spanish Royal Family, Sofia was given the chance to visit the team’s dressing room after the match, where she and the Queen “congratulated the players and the coaching staff, and highlighted the fantastic performance throughout the tournament”.

William, Prince of Wales, also posted congratulations on the X, also saying the English side had made “the nation proud”.

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The heir to the British throne, who is also president of the FA, has come under fire for missing today’s Cup final despite playing Lionesses, which he apologized for during a message of support on Saturday.

Critics said it was unreasonable for him to skip the final if the men’s team was playing, but others supported William’s absence, citing the environmental costs of travel.

Meanwhile, King Charles III offered “heartfelt thoughts and sympathies”.

“Although I know how painful it is for you, don’t let any of you feel defeated, because ever reaching the final is a huge tribute to your skills, determination and team spirit in the sport’s best traditions,” he said in a statement.