June 22, 2024

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Reasons and what the owner said

Reasons and what the owner said

The fast food joint is finally closing its doors. Where it is and the main problems.

Considered a fast food place “World’s Worst McDonald’s”That It went viralIt will finally close its doors 40 years of operation.

The Restaurant Located in Ottawa, Capital of Canadaand this was a point of perpetual conflict, which escalated to suspicious circumstances.

Suffice it to mention a clear example: the created campus In a year, 800 police stations received calls for disputes.

However, managers at this McDonald’s at 99 Rideau Street say the decision to close is due. rent problems and No more weekly fights that tarnish the reputation of the place and spread Glass.

“World’s Worst McDonald’s” Goes Viral

The restaurant opened in 1985 and went viral in 2013 After a big fight In this Dozens of supporters exchanged blows. Something that has been repeated on many occasions.

Complaints about local fast food in Canada. Film CTV News

Another video that turns out to be even sadder shows The client that published Raccoon.

Ottawa Police Chief Charles Portleau expressed concern about the restaurant’s location Letter to the President and CEO of McDonald’s Canada

He referred to the place’s “ongoing crime and social disorder”.

Forced changes

A series of safety issues forced food establishments to change their opening hours.

The videos show fights on campus.  Catch up on Twitter
The videos show fights on campus. Catch up on Twitter
Hits and complaints are a constant locally.  Catch up on Twitter
Hits and complaints are a constant locally. Catch up on Twitter

Originally open 24 hours a day, it was only open from 6 am to 10 pm, broadcasting a local channel. CTV News.

But it is clear that the intermediate measures did not give the expected result, and the restaurant ended Permanently closes.

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What did the building owner say?

The owner of the building, Peter GrosthwaiteIt confirmed that this result was not only due to permanent violence.

“The city tore up Rideau Street and put the tunnel in, and then they rebuilt it to improve it,” he said.

“Due to the circumstances experienced and Covid, a stable and reliable operation cannot be facilitated,” he added.

Everyone was talking about McDonald's in Canada.  Film CTV News
Everyone was talking about McDonald’s in Canada. Film CTV News

“They are a dynamic organization and they have the right to see different points of view They felt the time was right“, he said Citizen of Ottawa, Not sure why they didn’t extend the lease.

“They are a A great tenant for nearly 50 years”, he told the publication. “They are smart. Maybe it’s time for a change, maybe they don’t feel comfortable.”

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