April 13, 2024

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Report: “All options are on the table” by Tom Brady in 2023

New Orleans Saints v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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Early in the 2022 season, it looked more and more like the Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady He will retire after the final game of the year. With the final game of the year approaching, it seems very likely that he will continue to play.

So where? Some with the Pirates thought he’d stay there, if he played. In the end, it may come down to where Brady thinks he’ll have the best chance of winning his eighth (or theoretically ninth) championship.

NFL Media, in a convenient location Sunday Splash! A report given that Brady plays for the 49ers, stating that “All options are on the tablefor the year 2023.

Finally, joining the 49ers could be one of those options. They passed away to him in 2020. Earlier this year, when coach Kyle Shanahan didn’t go to the joint scouting and Brady’s former teammate Brian Grace became the quarterbacks coach in San Francisco and Brady was by chance (or not) visiting his parents in San Mateo, it’s likely that there was another round of talks during Brady’s 40-day “retirement”.

Will the 49ers say no to Brady again? with Tri Lance Both wounded and unfixed Jimmy Garoppolo Injured and headed to free agency and Brooke Purdy Still wet behind the ears, Brady could be the ultimate bridge quarterback — one who could bridge the gap with the franchise’s first Super Bowl win in nearly 30 years.

San Francisco’s interest may hinge on the outcome of the current season. If they can make it to the Super Bowl with Purdy, they might be content to stick with Lance and Purdy. If they fail, it may be time to cash in on Tommy.

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Other teams could get into the mix, too. The potential pairing with Sean Payton in Miami was real. Is there a place in it They could meet in 2023? Indianapolis? New Orleans? Elsewhere?

Everything has to be decided, from whether he plays to where he plays to whether, if he doesn’t play, he heads straight to Fox or takes a year off. And those questions will make Brady, once again, one of the biggest stories of the offseason.