June 25, 2024

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Roger Goodell on Harrison Butker’s comments: NFL community has ‘diversity of opinion and thought’

Roger Goodell on Harrison Butker’s comments: NFL community has ‘diversity of opinion and thought’

Last week, the NFL issued a statement regarding comments made earlier this month by Chiefs football player Harrison Butker at a graduation ceremony. On Wednesday, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell did not add anything new to what was said previously.

His views are not those of the NFL “As an organization,” the association said last week. “The NFL is steadfast in our commitment to inclusion. This makes our league stronger.”

Speaking during league meetings in Nashville, Goodell said (via NFL Media’s Tom Pelissero): “We have over 3,000 players. We have executives all over the league. They are They have a diversity of opinions and ideas Just like America does. This is something we cherish.

It’s not inaccurate. It is consistent with What we said last week. Freedom of expression allows Butker to say things that others don’t agree with. Whoever does not agree, let him say so.

No one gets “cancelled” because of this. Complaining about cancel culture is just part of a culture of grievance that is always based on finding something to be upset about. Many people are guilty of participating in a culture of grievance, regardless of ideology.

The left expresses its grievance over what Butker said. The right is airing grievances about Butker. As Jon Stewart explained Monday night, “Anger is the engine of our modern media economy“.

For the NFL, the challenge is to strike a balance between respecting the ability of individuals to express their opinions and the interests of those who disagree with them. It would not be fair for Butker to express his views in a non-violent manner consistent with all league rules and procedures to negatively impact his ability to play football.

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Unfortunately for the NFL, this is not a principle that is universally applied to all players who wear the number 7.