May 21, 2024

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Russell Wilson ‘devastated’ Nathaniel Hackett’s ejection, ‘I wish I had played better’

Russell Wilson ‘devastated’ Nathaniel Hackett’s ejection, ‘I wish I had played better’

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Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson He said today that he feels for Nathaniel Hackett, the coach who was fired yesterday, and believes he bears some responsibility for Hackett’s job loss.

“First of all, he obviously feels bad for Coach Hackett because I think he’s a great guy, a great teacher, an amazing father, watching him with his kids, what he was able to do and how he taught us the game,” Wilson said. “This season was a season we never thought would happen the way it did. He was a guy who put all his time and all his effort into us as players, staff and coaches as well. I think he’s a great coach, and one of the brightest minds I’ve been around.”

Wilson said he knew he had not played as well as Hackett needed him to play.

“It’s been a crazy season, lots of injuries, tons of everything else, but the truth is I wish I could have played better with him,” said Wilson. “I wish I could play at the standard and level that I have always played at and I know how to play at him. So what I do know is that he is flexible, he will be a tremendous coach as I said, I love him to death and everyone misses him for sure.”

The next coach will need to make Wilson play better. And if Wilson plays as poorly next year as he did this year, it will raise serious questions about whether the Broncos’ massive investment in the former quarterback he was chief can’t be fixed by any coach.

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