June 23, 2024

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Russia and Ukraine continue to blame each other for their victory over Nazism Each country, in its own way, commemorated the 77th anniversary of World War II

Russia and Ukraine continue to blame each other for their victory over Nazism  Each country, in its own way, commemorated the 77th anniversary of World War II

Presidents of Russia, Vladimir PutinAnd Ukraine, Volodymyr ZhelenskyCalled this Monday The struggle against Nazism On Adolf Hitler’s victory in Germany commemorated. On February 24, May 9, 1945, almost two and a half months after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the two leaders were on a very different platform to provoke the defeat of the Nazis. Military equipment with everyone, in Moscow’s Red Square Putin justified Russia’s invasion of Ukraine Among other reasons, that Save Donbass from Nazism. Contrary to speculation in kyiv and other parts of the world, the Russian president Ceased to formally declare war on Ukraine. In the meantime, Zhelensky He recorded his speech in the streets of Q, against the backdrop of a barrier Compare the Russian invasion with the Nazis And affirmation: “The path to this success is long, but We have no doubt of our success“.

Zhelensky: “We won then, we will win now”

Zelensky promised in a video that Ukraine would not allow Russia to “appropriately conquer victory over Nazism”, and was very artistically careful, as he can be seen walking down Kyiv’s Central Avenue. “We are proud of our pioneers who defeated Nazism along with other people in the anti-Hitler coalition. We will not allow anyone to attach to this success and take it for grantedSaid the President of Ukraine.

Zelensky listed several cities currently under Russian military control in eastern and southern Ukraine, saying that during World War II, Ukrainians withdrew Nazi German troops from these territories. “On Victory Day against the Nazis, we are fighting for another victory. We won then, we will win now (…) very soon there will be two days of victory in Ukraine “, one in Nazism and the other in the current conflict with Moscow to remember the victory that the Ukrainian president expects to achieve.

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This is not a war between two forces. It is a war of two worldviews. The barbarians and their missiles firing at the Scovoroda Museum believe they can destroy our philosophy. It bothers them because it is strange to them and it scares them. We are free human beings, seeking our own path. Today we are at war with them and will not give a portion of our land to anyoneZelensky insisted. “Our enemy dreamed that we would stop celebrating the victory against the Nazis on May 9, so that the word denunciation could be given a chance,” the Ukrainian president added, referring to the main reason given by his Russian president Vladimir Putin. , To justify the invasion.

Putin: “The horrors of World War II will never happen again.”

For his part, Putin promised Russia launched a “preemptive” offensive in Ukraine due to threats from NATO and the West, And said it was “the only possible course of action” in this situation. “We have seen how military infrastructure is being used, how hundreds of foreign experts have worked in Ukraine, and how they are supplying NATO weapons,” the president said during his speech in the Red Square on the 77th anniversary of Soviet Victory Day. Nazi Germany.

“The danger is increasing every day. Russia has taken a preventive measure, which is necessary and the only possible one. It is the result of a sovereign, strong and independent nation,” Putin said during a traditional military parade. The Kremlin leader argued “Russia has promised to do everything possible to prevent a recurrence of the horrors of global war“For this reason, he said,” despite all the differences in international relations, Russia has always supported a global and inseparable security systemIt’s essential for the whole world community. “

“Last December we proposed to conclude an agreement on security guarantees. Russia called on the West for honest dialogue, fair solutions and compromises for the common good. Everything was in vain. NATO countries do not want to listen to usIn fact, they had completely different plans, and we saw them, “Putin argued,” this Monday, 77 years after the end of World War II. “Danbos’ fighters are fighting alongside the Russian army on their own land“.

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“I now address our Armed Forces and Donbass fighters: Fight for the homeland, for your future, so that no one can forget the lessons of World War II. Executioners, oppressors and Nazis have no place in the worldPutin noted in another part of his speech that before a minute of silence, President of Russia He paid homage to the memory of those killed in the so-called Great Patriotic War (1931-1945) called “sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, grandfathers, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, relatives and friends”.

PutinHe addressed the 11,000 soldiers who had gathered in front of Lenin’s grave, including soldiers who had recently arrived from Ukraine. Their “duty” is to “do everything possible to prevent the horrors of World War from coming back.”. Yes really, No public mobilization was announced among the RussiansThe lack of progress on the battlefield did not reveal an option considered, or Moscow’s plans for the coming week’s clashes.