June 25, 2024

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Russia destroys Kharkiv railroad

Russia destroys Kharkiv railroad
An aerial view of a building destroyed by a Russian strike near Kharkiv, Ukraine (AP Photo/Evgeniy Maloletka)

A Night attack of the Russian army Destroyed trains and trains in the area Kharkov, northeastern Ukraine, officials said Friday. Authorities arranged to evacuate the children from the area, while Kremlin forces stormed it New and powerful attack.

According to Ukraine’s national railway operator, Ukrzalysnytsia, nighttime shelling of rolling targets and railroads Various buildings were damaged. No injuries were reported.

Officials made the announcement on Friday Forced Evacuation In the next 60 days 123 orphans and other children People living without parents in the area. Since Russia launched its assault on Kharkiv on May 10, more than that 11,000 The people of the region, regional governor Oleh Syniehubov pointed out.

A firefighter works where a printing press was hit by Russian missile strikes, amid Russia’s attack on Ukraine, in Kharkiv (REUTERS/Valentyn Ogirenk).

The Russian advance on Kharkiv appears to be a new coordinated offensive, which will include probing Ukrainian defenses in the Donetsk region in the south while launching attacks in the northern regions. Sumi And Chernihiv. President of Russia Vladimir Putin The military has said it is trying to create “middle part” to prevent Ukrainian cross-border attacks in Kharkiv region.

Ukraine’s problems have escalated While trying to resist in recent months the enemy Very oldAnd the war seems to be a moment Important. The new Russian offensive is depleting Ukrainian ranks exhausted by more than two years of war. The destruction of the railway network increases the pressure on them.

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The Western aid This is very important for Kyiv, especially since air defense systems make it possible to stop the selective destruction of Russia’s power grid. But this It didn’t come Fast enough.

This allows Moscow to practically gather troops without obstacles For cross-border attacks and the deployment of cruise missiles to bomb Ukraine. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky Those limitations made possible an attack on the region’s capital city of Kharkiv on Thursday that killed seven civilians and wounded 21 others.

Zelensky reiterates that he does not have the “tools” to fight this war (Photo, Press Office of the President of Ukraine via AP)

The United States, France and the United Kingdom have sent a limited number of long-range missiles to Ukraine. Kyiv uses them successfully, but only to destroy Russian military targets located in Russian-occupied Ukrainian territories. The reason for this is the majority of Ukrainian allies He is prohibited from using weapons Shipped within the Russian Federation. There are fears of direct retaliation from Moscow.

Zelensky posted on social media in Ukraine “A scarcity Indeed, the world’s available air defense systems” and “our warfighters’ lack of long-range capabilities and inability to destroy every source of Russian terrorism near our borders, including ballistic missiles targeting Ukraine. Our people.”

The Ukrainian president again called for more air defense and long-range missiles to defend against attacks. And, in that message, he argued, “Russian terrorism must be defeated. It just needs one thing: the commitment of world leaders. “Sure enough.” He also denounced the presence of Russia At war with humanityAfter the relentless and bloody attacks on Kharkiv, in all aspects of normal life, “killing children and adults, destroying cities and towns and destroying places where normal life existed.”

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(With information from AP)