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Who is Carlo Agudis, the young man canonized by the Pope, and what miracles are attributed to him | He was baptized as “the influencer of God.”

Who is Carlo Agudis, the young man canonized by the Pope, and what miracles are attributed to him |  He was baptized as “the influencer of God.”

Pope Francis to canonize Italian Carlo AgudisHe died in 2006 when he was 15 years old, and he became known throughout the world for his work of evangelization through the Internet, which was confirmed by the Holy See. In Catholic circles he is known as the “Patron of the Internet”.

The Pope, according to an official statement, received in audience Marcello Semeraro, president of the Dicastery for the Causes of Saints. It was decided to convene a meeting (on a yet-to-be-specified date) to consecrate Agudis..

The assembly will also address The canonization of the other three blessed ones: Italian priest Giuseppe Allamano, founder of the Consolata Missionaries, Canadian nun Marie-Leoni Paradis and Italian nun Elena Guerrera.

Devoted child

Carlo Agudis Born in London in 1991. His parents were then living in the British capital for business reasons. A few months later, the family returned to Italy and settled in Milan, where the boy attended Catholic schools, although he did not practice acutis.

The boy became interested in religion and devoted himself to studying the lives of saints. At the age of seven he was asked to take communion. In the late 1990s, with the rise of the Internet, he turned to computers. In this way, he merged his faith with technology. By then, he was going to mass every day, and his passion was for St. Francis of Assisi. In fact, his family had a house in Assisi.

Thanks to the internet, Agudis dedicated himself to spreading his faith on the web. Those were the times before social media. The Pope highlighted it in the 2019 Apostolic Exhortation Christo Viv. “He was able to use new communication techniques to transmit the Gospel, convey values ​​and beauty,” the Argentine pope wrote.

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“He didn’t fall into the trap. “I saw many young people, who, although they seem different, are really the same, following what the powerful impose on them through means of consumption and stupidity,” George Bergoglio added in the speech.

Carlo Agudis died on October 12, 2006 at the age of just 15 Due to leukemia that was diagnosed a few weeks ago. He received active service and was buried in 2020, by express request, in the Basilica of Assisi. declared blessed, one of the fastest processes in the Church’s two-thousand-year history. Two years ago his body was exhumed and embalmed after he was declared beatified by the Pope.

Path to holiness

The young man’s body is still preserved “in full” with jeans and sports shoes. “Carlo enjoyed everything because of his particular devotion to St. Francis of Assisi. But the fact that he is our contemporary, his interest in the Internet, his attention to everyday issues, “It proves once again that today each of us can truly love holiness.”Agudis’ mother, Antonia Salzano, said.

To be declared blessed, Congregation for the Causes of Saints A “miraculous” healing and inexplicable vision attributed to her referral by some experts occurred on October 12, 2013. A child with congenital malformation of the pancreas, in Campo Grande, Brazil.

Now the second miracle has been demonstrated: The treatment of a young Costa Rican woman who saved her life after an accident and her recommendation for her recovery. The girl fell off the bicycle and sustained severe head injuries. The family prayed to Agutis and after his recovery, made a pilgrimage to his grave..

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Now the date of announcement of Agudis is to be known, so His image can be placed in churches.