February 24, 2024

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Russia Expands Its Weapons: It Strikes Ukraine With Hypersonic Missile

Russia Expands Its Weapons: It Strikes Ukraine With Hypersonic Missile
A Zircon hypersonic missile is launched from the Barents Sea from the Russian Navy's frigate Admiral Gorshkov of the Navy of the Soviet Union (Russian Defense Ministry News Service via AP, File)

Russia launches hypersonic missile “Zircon” During the attack on Ukraine on February 7, the Kyiv Institute of Forensic Examinations, a scientific research organization, said on Monday. Oleksandr Ruvin He cited the preliminary analysis on his Telegram channel.

Russian missiles have parts that can be used in several types of products at the same time, while others are components only for specific models, experts said. In this case, specific components of the missile were discovered 3M22 zircon.

“According to the first report, there is indeed evidence that the 3M22 Zircon missile was used. This is evidenced by the markings on fragments and fragments, the identification of components and fragments, and the characteristics of the corresponding weapon,” he said.

The director of the company said that this missile was launched towards an area where there are no military bases. Civil infrastructure and civilians were affected.

Zircon 3M22 is one of the most legendary developments of the Russian military machine, and there is very little information about it. Ugrinform. In Russia, the so-called zircon is known “Naval Anti-Hypersonic Missile Promising.”

FILE PHOTO: ZIRKON (ZIRKON) hypersonic cruise missile (Manual via Russian Defense Ministry/REUTERS)

The Russians began developing it after 2011 as a viable alternative to heavy anti-ship missiles. B-700 granite Created in the 70s and 80s of the last century. Tests of the missile began in 2016. However, the main demonstration tests, with photos and videos, were carried out only in 2021, shortly before the invasion of Ukraine: in July, the Zirgon missile was launched from the frigate of the Russian Navy Admiral. Korshkov, and in October, Severodvinsk from the submarine. Ukrainian media reported that the Russian military declared both tests successful and then launched the missiles multiple times.

Officially, Russia has not disclosed the characteristics of the Zircon or demonstrated it publicly, but at different times it has claimed the following characteristics of the missile:

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-Chance: According to various sources, from 400-600 km to 1000 km

-Flight Altitude: 30-40 km

-Flight speed: Up to Mach 8-9

Warhead Weight: Approximately 300 or 400 kg

– Missile Length: 8-10 m

Zircon missiles are launched from 3C-14 vertical launchers that can be mounted on ships, submarines and land mobile launchers. Zircons can also be launched from specially adapted fixed ground complexes, such as Object 100 in occupied Crimea.

(With information from Reuters)