February 7, 2023

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Footballer Claudio Spinelli talks for the first time about escaping from Ukraine: “I’m going to sleep on the street”

Striker was able to cross the border to reach Poland (@spinelliclaudio)

When Claudio Paul Spinelli Left from Genoa from Italy To FK Olexandria From Ukraine He did not even think that he would walk towards the border with the intention of escaping the war. The Argentine striker was able to escape from the moment of violence experienced in that country after the Russian invasion and escape more peacefully from Paris. In the first person he described all the experiences he had with his partner in France to be safe and healthy..

“The situation experienced was difficult, but very relaxed. I relax a little bit during the day. All the experience was very stressful,” the footballer admitted in an interview. Radio La Red (AM 910). “Reuniting with my wife was the motivation I had for the crazy walk. It was the hug I needed. I hope I will never live my life again. I don’t want it on anyone. I didn’t even think I was in this situation. Thank God I was able to get out, there are so many who can not do it, it makes me sick, ”he had to walk 20 kilometers to reach the Polish border.

Frustration at the border is one of the recurring images with large numbers of people hoping to escape the war. “The borders are all very distorted. Very poorly organized. There were people from many countries, so it was impossible to leave. I resigned completely. A woman saved me, I do not know how, I had already decided that I should sleep on the street. I was with another guy who didn’t know what to do. ”

His partner Ciolo Lopez was waiting for him in Paris after he was trapped in that country.
His partner Ciolo Lopez was waiting for him in Paris after he was trapped in that country.

In addition, the coach of the Argentine volleyball team Marcelo Mendes and DMK. Azeko Resovia S.A. From Poland: “I talked to him and thanked him for his attitude in helping me, but it was so hard. A Polish woman keeps me true. You have to cross the yes or no limit with the car. The border collapsed to the point where only children and women could cross. Back then there were people from Africa, people from India, all the foreigners you could imagine in one country. I think they will still be. The worst thing is, it snowed yesterday.

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The team he plays for did what he could to help them in the midst of national chaos. “The club took us to a city. From there, with the other guy, they take us to a border, in a guy’s car there, my co – player’s uncle. You may have two or three days in line in the car. It was 40 kilometers. The cars did not move. Was crazy. I had already picked up the suitcases. In a moment of frustration, what would one do? Take what else you can do to get out of this. This is the only thing you can justify. Today I tell you, you have to catch as little as possible, ”he added of the frustration he felt.

On the other hand, he was grateful that his wife had not returned to Ukraine by the time Russia launched its first offensive. “The day before, I did not know whether to bring my wife or not. She was flying, and when this whole bomb thing happened, she was landing in Paris. He had a few hours to land in Kiev. If he lands in Kiev, I’m still there, I’m absolutely sure. We were saved for hours. Due to the logistics and the overall decline of the country, it is very difficult to enter Kiev at this time, ”Spinelli admitted.

Ukraine's FK is located in the center of the country of Alexandria
Ukraine’s FK is located in the center of the country of Alexandria

Claudio showed his pain for the situation his teammates were experiencing. “I know I’m very lucky. I’m seen people who do not have a good time, and they certainly do not have a good time. They can not leave Kiev to go to their family. Not to mention the foreigners at the border. ”He said more about that.

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Former Tigre and Argentinos juniors, when talking about their future return to Ukraine, explained that it would “give an answer soon” and re-commented on the dream he had to live. “I left a lot of stuff there, even a car. But now it’s true that it’s very low. Someone is learning. God has shown me a lot of things in this challenge, and it’s the biggest thing in my life. Walking 25 kilometers is easier than the rest. We looked at each other with the other guy and we couldn’t believe what we were enjoying. There are a lot of ugly things on the border, ”the striker added.

The emotional story of Spinelli and his partner reuniting in Paris
The emotional story of Spinelli and his partner reuniting in Paris

And He ended up asking for the help of another Argentine colleague who was experiencing a difficult situation as his family was left in the conflict zone.: “I can say thank you to God. I kindly ask the other boy who is with family in Kiev, hoping they can help him, because one thing he is experiencing is despair. Papplet. The family is in Ukraine. Put yourself in his place, your family is in Ukraine because you are driving yourself crazy in videos. I hope they help you in some way. “

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