February 25, 2024

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Russia-Ukraine war: Massive missile strike in Kiev, forcing people to seek refuge

The The boss United States Collaborator, Mark Millie, He spoke on the phone with representatives of the coalition governments’ armed forces after the attack by Putin. According to a CNN quote, Millie spoke Officers from England, Germany, France, Italy and Canada.

Millie promised that US troops would be strengthened in NATO friendly countries. Transfer of troops in EuropeTo do. The goal is Prevent Russia from escalating its provocations in the regionHis military office said in a statement.

The officer also agreed Meeting with countries in Eastern Europe such as Romania, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary. Bulgaria, Lithuania and Latvia, Known as the Nine Allies of Bucharest. Precisely, after Putin’s attack, the United States is in fear of losing power in the region.

In the second message sent to the country, the President Volodymyr Zelensky called for a ceasefire and called for talks with Vladimir Putin’s government. “Russia needs to talk to us sooner or later about stopping the war and how to stop the invasion.”, He promised.

The Ukrainian leader tried to appear firm in his position. “The earlier you talk to us, the less Russia will suffer losses”, He promised. He reiterated that Ukrainian forces would maintain the country’s security until the attack was stopped.

President Volodymyr Zelensky delivered his second message this Friday.

In addition, he accused the Western powers of imposing sanctions. “We are defending the country alone. Just like yesterday, the most powerful forces are watching the conflict from the outside., Said. “Did Russia trust yesterday’s sanctions? We saw in our sky and in the territory that this was not enough.

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Earlier, in a statement on Thursday night, he warned of possible attacks on Kiev, but said he would not leave the capital. He also promised that the enemy would be identified as No. 1 by Russia.

They released a video from the Ukrainian armed forces that caused a clash in the city of Sumi, less than 30 kilometers from the Russian border. The video shows a practical street fight between Russian attackers and Ukrainian guards.

Dmytro Zhyvytsky, head of the local administration, told the BBC that a Russian military contingent was approaching the capital of Kiev from the west of Sumi.

In addition, the Ukrainian official pointed out that the city of Konotop is surrounded.

Conflict in Sumi

In a statement, The Kiev Independent quoted the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense as saying that on the first day of the war, Ukrainian troops had provoked 800 soldiers from the “enemy side”.

Although some reports indicate that the death toll was around 800, CNN said it was not clear if this was just a death toll or a general number.

The statement, signed by Deputy Defense Minister Anna Mallya, said Russian troops had lost seven aircraft, six helicopters and more than 30 tank units. He also mentioned that the prisoners were being held.

US President Joe Biden has sought to join the Indian government in rejecting Moscow’s attack on Ukraine. India has historic friendship with Russia, but at the same time is a military ally of the United States.

“We have not fully resolved it,” Biden told reporters who consulted with him about his dealings with the government. Earlier, US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen called on his Indian counterpart S. In an interview with Jaisankar, he stressed the importance of a “powerful collective retaliation” against the Russian occupation.

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A Russian plane has been shot down in Kiev’s Tarnitsky district, a Ukrainian interior ministry official has said. Other media outlets say it could be a missile.

Anton Herashchenko, a consultant and former officer in the area, said the jet collided near a house on Koshitsia Street. According to local sources, the fire broke out in a residential building.

Attack on Kiev
Attack on KievETelekanalNTA

A Kiev-based CNN team reported two loud explosions in the city center and a third in the distance. Anton Zerashchenko, an adviser to the Ukrainian government, told reporters that this was a ballistic or cruise missile attack. The military has not yet commented.

“Attacks on Kiev have resumed with cruise or ballistic missiles. I heard two loud explosions,” the former Ukrainian deputy foreign minister was quoted as saying by AFP.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba noted the situation on his Twitter account. “Terrible Russian rocket attacks on Kiev. The last time our capital was attacked by Nazi Germany in 1941 was when it was like this,” he recalled. Putin must be stopped. Isolate Russia. Disconnect and expel Russia from everywhere.

CNN reports that US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken was “determined” that Vladimir Putin’s government would seek to overthrow the constitutional government of Ukraine, led by Volodymyr Zhelensky.

In a televised statement on ABC, the US official argued that you do not have to be very smart to know Putin’s ambitions. “He wants to rebuild a kind of Soviet empire and maintain a sphere of influence with the surrounding countries,” he told the ABC.