December 5, 2023

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Odyssey enjoyed by an Argentine couple fleeing Ukraine: “We woke up to the sound of an emergency siren”

The Argentine pair managed to escape the war in Ukraine

Two months ago, the Rosario couple were on vacation in the Ukrainian city of Liev when the Russian attacks began. Denise Carraza and Pato Bonato They are travel content creators, influencers and they book their flight from country to country minute by minute on social networks.

“I still can not believe this,” said Denise Vents, still moving. I have a lump in my throat, an indescribable pain”, Argentina wrote on his Instagram account a few hours ago Is already safe in Denmark.

The days before the escape were normal. “We saw the news We asked the residents if we should worry and they all said they were not with us. In fact, concerts were held in the streets, people were walking their dogs, and the campus was open. “The picture changed after Putin’s order to invade Ukraine.”We woke up to the sound of emergency sirens and panicked. “

There they began to live a real odyssey.

“We had bus tickets on the morning of February 25th. We saw the situation and ran to the terminal. ” Tried to buy new tickets from that place. “Nothing, everything was sold, we were in despair. We searched for two hours and found one for Poland online.

The war takes place in the midst of an epidemic. They needed a negative PCR test to enter Poland. “In addition to all the tensions, we had to find a place to do the analysis. Once we were done, we went to another station.

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Without explanation The bus carrying them out of Ukrainian territory did not appear at the terminal. The trip was scheduled for 4:00 pm, but it did not arrive. “We do not speak the language. People were waiting to flee. It is not possible to communicate. We need another ticket.”

The Rosario couple’s anxiety and uncertainty increased but suddenly, A man named Ivanko – who wanted to escape, helped them. “He spoke English, he was the translator, he gave us the ticket. We paid the driver and sat down. The first few minutes on the road were fast.

Soon the paths collapsed. “We were 93 kilometers from the border. I have never seen so much traffic in my life. The queue was incalculable and the drivers chose to turn off the engines. The two-hour journey was extended by almost eight. ”

A block from the border started the worst part. “Local forces stopped the bus. They went upstairs and recruited all Ukrainian men between the ages of 18 and 60 into the war. They made no exceptions, they even took a man as an actor. It was heartbreaking to see how they said goodbye to their wife and children. I don’t have to go because my boyfriend is from Argentina ”. The same procedure was repeated in private cars.

Went to go by bus with Ukrainian influencers, but He did not go to the neighboring country because he was recruited to fight in the war.

Safe in Poland
Safe in Poland

Safe in Poland

After about 24 hours of odyssey, they headed for Katowice, east of Krakow. “On the other hand we already feel calm. We are found in an area full of immigrants. We tried to find accommodation, but it was all booked. Nothing, people keep coming. “

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Denis and Bodo head from Denmark to Denmark. Although he had some acquaintances in Copenhagen, they still did not find shelter. He plans to stay for a month.

Thanks to being in a country far from armed conflict, he makes a response: “Ukraine does not deserve this decision and I hope it will end soon. This is how I have lived my life, living in Ukraine, men who have to go to war without a decision, my heart breaks when they think they have to escape the war with their family. Say goodbye to their children, wives and the like. Number of children on the border, mothers with sad faces with children in their arms. Today we keep our eyes closed and hear the emergency alarm. NOr I just want to imagine what the rest of us are experiencing. “

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