September 25, 2023

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Russia-Ukraine war. Vladimir Putin is nearing the point of irreversible danger

Paris.- Experts say this is exactly the result NATO Who, off, deserves him “Point of no return”: Before the first Nuclear power The army of the planet, Vladimir Putin this Sunday ordered the deployment of “his defensive forces” on war alert, which may contain nuclear components.

I order the Minister of Defense and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces to place the Special Forces on the alert.”, He announced on television in a brief message with his military leaders on the fourth day of his invasion of Ukraine and did not appear to be progressing as quickly as he had hoped.

“Understood,” the defense minister and his best friend abruptly agreed. Serguei Choigou.

Vladimir Putin talks with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Russian Armed Forces Generals and First Deputy Defense Minister Valery Gerasimov, leaving during their meeting in MoscowAlexei Nikolsky – Pool Sputnik Kremlin

In recent hours, Putin has justified his decision with “statements of aggression by various NATO officials.” He also criticized the sanctions imposed by the West to punish the occupation of Ukraine, calling them “illegal.”.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the Russian Defense Forces are a set of units aimed at promoting offensive against the country, “including the use of nuclear weapons in the event of war.” That Troops are equipped with missiles, strategic bombs, submarines and surface ships.. At the defensive level, they include anti-missile armor, space control, anti-aircraft and anti-satellite defense systems.

But while the specific purpose of his order is not clear to anyone, his reference to the nuclear threat is not the first. In the last week, He warned that any country that dared to interfere in its operations against Ukraine would face “unprecedented consequences”.. At the same time, it stationed ground-to-air missiles and other similar advanced systems in Belarus and stationed its navy in the Black Sea to prevent Western intervention.

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“It’s difficult to say what that order specifically means. Although it does not appear to be a preparation for the first strike, it makes clear that it enables a nuclear response.”Analysis Powell BotwickAn analyst with the Russian nuclear program, a Geneva-based organization.

In addition to nuclear weapons, Russia has a powerful conventional arsenal
In addition to nuclear weapons, Russia has a powerful conventional arsenalGetty Images

If anything, it does not seem to be the highest level of alertness, with bombs ready to launch weapons loaded with: “This is a measure that allows public servants to act quickly when needed.”, He adds. “But this is the highest level,” he says succinctly.

Western foreign ministries are engrossed in frantic action and are trying to coordinate a response accordingly. White House He reacted by blaming Putin “Create new threats”, While its ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas GreenfieldHe said those statements were “unacceptable”.

This war is the responsibility of Vladimir Putin“In turn, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg underlined that the Kremlin’s new statements add to the” aggressive rhetoric “of recent weeks.

To the Foreign Minister of Ukraine, Dimitro GulebaThis is a way of “pressuring” the Ukrainian delegation to the Belarusian border to hold talks with Moscow on the fourth day of the invasion.

But experts do not agree. Because the Kremlin leader’s insults were aimed specifically at NATO and the West, it decided to impose severe financial sanctions that could suffocate the Russian economy in the short term. The first of these was the siege of the Russian Central Bank, Thus the $ 630,000 million exchange reserves it had accumulated to deal with the situation could not be used, or the ruble could not be retained.

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“Not only was the severity of the action and the determination of the allies surprising to him. The Copernican Revolution in Germany also seemed to drive him crazy. Andrei Kasovoy.

"The Russian occupation against Ukraine marks a turning point in the era"German Chancellor Olaf Scholes said Saturday
“The Russian occupation of Ukraine marks the beginning of an era of change,” German Chancellor Olaf Scholes said Saturday.

In fact, at a wonderful and unexpected turn, the German ruling coalition led by the Social Democrats Olaf Scholes‘S immediate budget was announced in Parliament today 100,000 million euros to strengthen the armed forces, As well as an increase in defense spending in the coming years. By 2020, Russia will have allocated, 54,740 million to the region.

Scholes acknowledged that the crisis in Ukraine had forced Germany to make that decision: “It is clear that we need to invest more in the security of our country and our freedom and our democracy,” he said.

The dramatic change in theory began two days ago, when Berlin decided to send weapons and other military equipment to Ukraine for the first time since the end of World War II, including anti-aircraft missiles, fuel and anti-aircraft weapons. Germany has long been criticized by its allies for its reluctance to increase its military spending, which now stands at more than 2% of 1.5% of its GDP. The level of response to the strong pacifist sentiment of the electorate connected with the Nazi past of the country.

Precisely, the fact that most Western countries send arms to Ukraine may be another reason for Vladimir Putin’s annoyance. Including the deployment of paramilitary forces in countries east of NATO.

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“Its miscalculation that the West behaved so sluggishly when it went to war with Georgia in 2008 and annexed Crimea in 2014 imposed some sanctions that would never have been a problem for Russia. Avoid it, he might have thought, this time too.” Andrei Kasovoy.

The problem is, now that he has exposed his teeth in public, he can not lose face.”, He adds.

In only one chapter of modern times, 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, Nikita Khrushchev and John F. Hand wrestling between Kennedy was conducted with intense desire (without public appearance). This allowed the crisis to subside, although some time later the former general secretary of the Russian Communist Party was accused of “treason” by his Politburo. Today, the Russian president, like a naked king, is obsessed with becoming the man who “restored dignity” to the great Russian empire, leading him to endlessly repeat his military intentions and his insults.

Under these conditions, the serious problem of the West is that now Vladimir Putin can not lose face.

And Kasovio nodded: “If you know him, he should keep climbing. As if reaching an irreversible state.