December 8, 2023

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Russia’s losses at Avdiivka could threaten its winter offensives

Russia’s losses at Avdiivka could threaten its winter offensives
Russia’s losses at Avdiivka could threaten its winter offensive (AP).

War in Ukraine Focused on the city Avdivka, Russia regroups and prepares a third offensive, with the aim of advancing on this front and taking the railway at Stepov and the Terricorn waste depot. Day and night, Ukrainian soldiers on the Eastern Front face enemy shelling.

In parallel, to the north-east, Zelensky’s troops are counterattacking in Kubyansk – in Kharkiv – and maintaining a counteroffensive in Zaporizhia with the aim of expanding their presence in occupied Kherson.

However, current Russian operations are costing their regiments significant losses It, too, Winter can threaten their attacks.

The Russian military may “regroup New large mechanized attacks”, as launched on 10, 19 and 20 October, the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) noted that most of its efforts were focused on minimizing battlefield casualties and deploying troops as quickly as possible to sustain their offensive effort. .

In recent times, Russia has lost 3,000 to 5,000 soldiers and 400 armored vehicles (Mauricio Lima/The New York Times).

The President of Ukraine raised this issue with the UK Prime Minister. Rishi SunakAnd the losses of Russian soldiers are stated to be equivalent to one of the regiments stationed at Donetsk. 3,000 and 5,000 soldiers. Added to this 400 armored vehicles From October 10, Avdivka and near Marinka were destroyed.

Thanks to this, local troops “stop” attempts at Russian advances and gain a certain advantage, the president added.

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For its part, heavy losses of Russian equipment around ISW “Avdiivka are possible will undermine Russian offensive capabilities in the long run” and compared this scene Widespread lack of enemy equipment in the first year of the warIt also limited the scope of an effective mechanized offensive last winter.

The casualties undermine Russian long-range offensive capabilities and give Ukrainian troops some advantage (REUTERS)

An example of this is the failed offensive by Putin’s troops in the first two months of the year on Vukletar, in which Ukraine managed to destroy at least 130 tanks and armored vehicles.

In this context, understanding that this could be a pivotal moment in Kiev’s battle for self-defense, Sunak reiterated his “unwavering commitment” to Zelensky, despite new conflicts such as the war between Israel and Hamas. At the same time, the leaders of the European Union guaranteed their support as long as needed.

Despite the patriotism that urges Ukrainians to take up arms against the Russians, soldiers’ relatives took to the streets in Kiev, Odessa and other cities across the country this Friday. Ask the authorities to allow their loved ones to return home after 18 months of service.

Relatives of soldiers have appealed to authorities to allow them to return to their homes after 18 months of service (REUTERS).

“Others’ Time Has Come”, “Players get tired too” And “Success is everyone’s responsibility” These are some of the phrases read on posters at rallies.

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