July 21, 2024

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Everything is ready in Congress for the inauguration of the Constitution of Princess Leonor

Everything is ready in Congress for the inauguration of the Constitution of Princess Leonor

The Congress of Representatives has already put everything in place for the ceremony in which Princess Leonor de Bourbon of Asturias will be sworn in to the Constitution, which will take place on October 31, exactly the day she will come of age. This Friday, in practice, all the preparations that the Lower House has been working on since last week have been completed as they begin assembling the stage for the central event. For big occasions the only thing left is to place the canopy located at the entrance of the Lion Gate. It will be installed on Monday. Almost 38 years after the constitutional swearing-in of Spain’s current king on January 30, 1986, the entire arena has been redecorated and looks exactly like that event and its proclamation as Felipe VI. , on June 19, 2014, the ceremony will take place in the gallery of board members and speakers, which is covered with various tapestries and has about thirty seats, on a stage installed in the area reserved for the Congress president. Including four specials for kings and their daughters are already kept. In addition to the Princess of Asturias, her parents, Felipe and Letizia, and her sister, Sofia, will stand on the platform where the constitutional oath will take place. Also in attendance will be the Acting President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez; The presidents of the Congress, Francina Armengol, and the Senate, Pedro Rolan, are the board members of both houses and representatives of the other powers of the state. Constitution, in the center of the scene, as Felipe de Bourbon swore to the Constitution, a copy of the Magna Carta is placed on a table in the center of the scene, in front of Kings Felipe VI and Letizia Ortiz. Both the table and chairs for the Head of State and his family have been sent by the King’s House. In 1986, the successor stood to the left of his mother, next to Felipe González, the president of the government at the time. On his left were Elena and Cristina and their grandfather Juan de Bourbon. The venue is expected to be the same as it was 37 years ago, with the only difference being that the princess’s grandfather, Juan Carlos I, will not attend the congress, although he will attend the next event. At Zarzuela Palace. At that time, representatives and senators are invited to the ceremony, as well as other state officials, which is why 600 chairs upholstered in maroon velvet have been replaced by the seats normally used in the congressmen’s chamber, so that more people can fit. Full arena. What is certainly different is that this time there will be more women at the center of the event and among the guests, as the presence of women in the chambers, including their governing bodies, has increased significantly over the years. 37 years have passed since Philip VI swore the constitution. Those who will definitely not be in the plenary hall are the representatives and senators of the ERC, Junts, Bildu, PNV and BNG, who have already confirmed that they will not attend the event, as well as the bulk of the Sumer group, whose plans bring only an institutional representation of four or six people. References to the Monarchy Tuesday’s entire ceremony is preceded by a seal with the national coat of arms that always presides over the session hall and is flanked by statues of the Catholic monarchs, Isabel of Castile and Ferdinand. Works by Aragon, José Banucci and Andrés Rodríguez respectively. These are not the only works in the room that contain references to monarchy. Leonor will swear the Constitution under a painting of the medieval Cortes, which depicts the moment when Queen Regent María de Molina presents her son, the infant Don Fernando, to the Cortes of Valladolid by Antonio Guisbert.

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