June 1, 2023

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Samsung is heading to address Galaxy S23 Ultra “halos” soon

Camera issues still exist

Samsung makes some of the best phones out there, especially if you’re into shooting on the run. But even the world’s most popular Android brands can’t get everything perfect on launch day. In fact, the cameras on the Galaxy S23 series — most notably on the Galaxy S23 Ultra — have never been as good as they used to be. While Samsung recently released an update that addresses these concerns, more settlement is still needed and another OTA seems to be needed to fix it.

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Chinese technology blogger ice world Samsung claims it’s working on an update to fix an HDR processing issue on the Galaxy S23 Ultra that leaves strange halos around subjects in photos.


One of the more difficult tasks in HDR processing is dealing with areas where there is a large difference in contrast. In short, you will see these halo lines if your device is doing a bad job of handling itself. Smartphone and semiconductor companies have improved techniques over the years to produce images that still contain a wide range of colors without obnoxious contrast, but something seems to be going on with the S23 Ultra that makes it fail.

SamMobile He notes that there is a possibility that the patch will be bundled with the May 2023 security update, so if you own an Ultra, you’ll still need to wait at least a few weeks before the problem goes away.

The latest camera update corrected video recording and focus-related issues as well as improved noise reduction in photos. Apart from the Galaxy S23, a similar halo was also reported by the Galaxy S22 Ultra user.

It’s only been two months since the launch of the Galaxy S23 and Samsung runs a very real risk of dominating the news cycle (if only in this niche corner of tech) for all the wrong reasons. It is currently preparing for a sub-par first quarter of 2023 financially based on recent earnings forecasts. However, the company’s successful smartphone business could be one of the few positives to come out of this quarter.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

1000 dollars $1,200 Save $200

If you’re looking for the best of Android in 2023, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is it. It’s the only one in the S23 lineup to feature the company’s flagship 200MP ISOCELL HP2 camera sensor, the only sensor to pack a 5,000mAh battery, and the only one to push the storage envelope up to 1TB. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy should run quickly and easily, and everything on the 6.8-inch 2x Dynamic AMOLED display (the only one in the series with adaptive refresh rates between 1 and 120Hz) should look smooth and beautiful. And who could have forgotten all the note-taking features and added convenience of the S Pen? This is Samsung’s overall effort for the Galaxy S panel.

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