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Sandman’s new trailer is sweeping through Comic-Con

Sandman's new trailer is sweeping through Comic-Con

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There have been many announcements of the Netflix adaptation of Neil Gaiman Sandman Which led to San Diego Comic-Con, and with each new addition, the hype only grew. From Gwendolyn Christie’s The Devil by Mark Hamill as Merv Pumpkinhead, and the agonizing Dream/Morpheus Thomas Sturridge, the cast is excellent, and the reveal so far has been pretty impressive.

hypnotic | Official Trailer | Netflix

The titular Sandman, Morpheus himself, has escaped prison and is searching the world, and some surreal versions of the underworld, for the magical tools he needs to sort out the chaos that has plagued the land. In the series, The Dreaming, the land of nightmares, fantasies and dreams, becomes entangled in the real world. It’s up to Morpheus to figure out what’s going on and assign the different rights to the different worlds.

During the session, the cast and crew expressed how much they appreciated the source material, and it looks like this will be a faithful adaptation of Gaiman’s work. Additionally, Gaiman revealed that Dave McKean, Sandman’s original comic strip artist, has come out of retirement and has designed one-of-a-kind ending credits for all ten episodes of the series. Beginning in 1989, McCain has produced all of the comic book covers for hypnotic; This spans nearly a decade in business, with the series ending in 1997. It also spelled out the covers for all of the Collected Paper Trade issues.

Sandman It is scheduled to release exclusively on Netflix on August 5.

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