June 2, 2023

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Santiago Peña made the unattainable change and will be the future president of Paraguay

ASUNCIÓN.- The immense red machinery prevails once again, renewing for another five years its almost absolute supremacy of the last seven decades in the hands of conservatives. Santiago “Peace” pen. The lack of turnout brought relief soon after the uncertainty in the days leading up to the polls The results marked a more comfortable advantage than expected by the National Republican Party (ANR), which nominated a young economist to be Paraguay’s next president.

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Santiago Pena will make the impossible change and become the future president of Paraguay

As 99% of the tables were examined, the result was irrevocable. In a country where elections are limited to a first and only round, Pena will rise to the pinnacle of power with a 42.7% majority., Efrain Alegre, head of the National Concertation, trailed behind with 27.4%. Paraguayo Cubas, the controversial leader of the Third Army, who won 22.9% of the vote, delivered the surprise.

Celebrations for the Colorado victory

Coloradismo’s decisive results are a sign that corruption charges or internal divisions cannot be at their greatest strength: A colossal electoral apparatus supported by its 2.5 million members. In this way, with its renewed commitment to the ruling party, the South American country continues to be an exception in a region where there is an alternative trend.

With victory already assured, Peña took to the stage set up at the headquarters of the National Republican Party (ANR) with a Paraguayan flag hanging around his neck to the sound of applause and cheers to thank “the people of Paraguay, the people of Colorado.” .

“They gave us their dreams, put their hopes in our hands so that we could be better tomorrow. And we’re going to be better!” said Beena, surrounded by her relatives and close advisers, her running mate, Peter Aliana, of the party leader, Horace CardsEven Arnoldo Wiens, whom he defeated in the December internship.

A big absentee? Resigning President Mario Abdo Benitez. Although he congratulated the new president. “Congratulations to the people of Paraguay and President-elect Santiago Pena for their outstanding participation on Election Day. We will work to initiate an orderly and transparent transition that will strengthen our institutions and the country’s democracy,” he said on Twitter.

Brazil’s presidents soon joined in the congratulations, Luis Inacio da Silvaand from Uruguay, Luis Lacalle Pou.

“We are very happy and most of all proud. Shanti is a ready, honest boy who has a burning desire to do things for his country. He started at a very young age and has reached this level because of his readiness and perseverance,” he said. nation Pena’s mother, Argentina Ana Maria Palacios.

Outside the ANR headquarters, hundreds of people were waiting with music, drums and flags. “We’re Happy, Not Happy”A supporter said provocatively to candidate Efrain Alegre, who has yet to recognize Peña’s victory, but has announced he will visit the country soon.

Paraguay’s presidential candidate for the Coalición por un Nuevo Paraguay party, Efrain Alegre, greets supporters with his running mate Soledad Núñez during the closing rally of his campaign in Asuncion, April 27, 2023.NORBERTO DUARTE – AFP

In addition to the president and vice president, Paraguayan voters elected 45 current senators and 30 alternates through electronic voting; 80 named delegates and 80 alternates; 17 Governors, and 257 nominated members and 257 alternate members for departmental boards.

In the Senate, which was submitted to a preference vote for the first time, The result also favored Colorado with 44.06% of the vote with 91.92% of the vote.

After a tense election day, with cross-charges and an overwhelming turnout of voters, in some centres, who were punched, pushed and shouted at after waiting for hours in the scorching sun, the polls closed at 4:00 pm (5:00 p.m.). pm in Argentina ) as planned. The recounting of votes responsible for the exchange of Preliminary Election Results (DREP) began shortly after and the first results came in quickly, allaying the fears of the past few days.

There was much speculation about the activities of the ruling party, mainly because of the financial and moral implications Corruption charges and US sanctions against Paraguay’s powerful businessman and former president Horacio CortésToday the President and Patron of ANR.

Peña will take office on August 15 for a five-year term, succeeding outgoing President Mario Abdo Benitez, who has insulted Dolphin de Cortes on several occasions. His gestures, such as the Paraguayan candidate’s praise of Cubas a day before the election or his absence from events in Colorado, were indifferent to loyal voters and infighting.

The Colorado Party has governed Paraguay under dictatorship and democracy for the past seven decades, with one interruption during the government of leftist Fernando Lugo (2008–2012), who was ousted a year before the end of his term. .

Despite the joy enjoyed tonight on the streets of Asuncion, huge challenges await Pena: Long outstanding debts in public health, education and transport systems. Also A Tough fight against organized crime and endemic corruption.

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