June 24, 2024

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Scientists described the description of “non-humans” in Mexico as a “fraud.”

Scientists described the description of “non-humans” in Mexico as a “fraud.”

Mexican journalist Jose Jaime Mawson He made televised statements a day after presenting the mummified bodies of “non-humans” to the Mexican Congress. In conversation with TNThe ufologist also investigated the location of other similar bodies that were visualized and pointed out against the scientific community.

“There are a total of 18 bodies. Four are in Mexico. I’ve seen two of them and don’t know who has them. They are going to take me to meet them next week. Russia has one. The rest are in Brazil,” he revealed. Mousan. Although they were all originally from Peru, he noted, they had been sold “as handicrafts for years.”

“The Peruvian government never cared. They never wanted to investigate them. They had no interest,” he later noted. Once clarified, the journalist took the opportunity to respond to the criticism of scientific university members – especially researchers – who were skeptical of the discovery.

They are nervous. They want to stay away from the truth and one day they will regret not wanting to investigate. The evidence is clear. We have information linked to DNA, tomography scans, analysis of metals in them, images of embryos inside the eggs they hold, analysis of bones. But they don’t want to investigate“, under control.

supply Some alleged “alien” bodies in Mexico City – first in front of legislators at the Congress headquarters and then in front of journalists – unleashed all kinds of comments, including taunts and insults.

Science Voices is described directly as Wednesday A scam Allegedly the bodies of “non-humans”.

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Mexican journalist and ufologist José Jaime Mauson Mauson, master of ceremonies in the chamber of parliament and later in the press, presented two boxes in which he said, “Dehydrated” bodies were found in Peru in 2017 He described them as “non-human species that were not part of our terrestrial evolution.” The figures were the size of a child’s skeleton.

Jaime Mawson presented mummified “non-human beings” to the House of RepresentativesUniversal/GTA

“If DNA shows us that They are not human beings We must take it as such, that there is nothing in the world like it; “They are non-human, we don’t want to call them extraterrestrials because we don’t know,” he told Mexican lawmakers on Tuesday.

The invention has been questioned since its origin. The alleged bodies were found in the Peruvian coastal desert of Nazca -known for some of the enigmatic colossal figures carved into the earth-, but they were never physically presented in Peru, despite attempts to disseminate them by Mauzan, who only showed photographs at the conference.

The Peruvian Prosecutor’s Office was on the force in 2017, and based on a report conducted by the Institute of Legal Medicine, statistics “Recently manufactured toysIt is covered with a mixture of paper and synthetic glue to simulate the presence of leather.

He also mentioned “Not the remains of ancient aliens they tried to present” And “to create the interior structure of the puppets, modified animal bones were used to create the human form.”

Now, it is the Mexican public university that is acting with skepticism. Julieta Fierro, researcher at the UNAM Institute of Astronomy, said the matter “He has neither head nor tail” And as a scientist she didn’t believe someone who claimed to have spoken with the Virgin of Guadalupe.

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“This situation is very sad for UNAM”, he added. “There are serious efforts by humanity to search for extraterrestrial life.”

By contrast, Moussan argues that they have A thousand years oldThey were dated by the National Autonomous University of Mexico with carbon 14 testing.

Even the legislator who organized the rally in Congress has distanced himself from its authenticity. Official Deputy Sergio Gutierrez clarified that Luna Chamber Neither supports nor refutes the thesis presented and aims only to hear “all voices” given the relevance of the title.

Jaime Mawson presented mummified “non-human beings” to the House of RepresentativesUniversal/GTA

The strange parliamentary session – which included testimony from experts from Mexico, the United States, Japan and Brazil – drew a number of controversial reactions after a similar event took place in the United States.

A former US Air Force intelligence officer said his country may have known about the “non-human” activity. Since the 1930s And the government has covered up such a plan, the Pentagon has denied.

The study of mysterious flying objects often sparks conversations about extraterrestrials, but in the United States, lawmakers from both the Democratic and Republican parties have pushed for more research in recent years.

They argue that this is a matter of national security, as they have not stopped seeing unusual objects linked to Washington’s adversaries. Mexican aviation experts are also talking about paying more attention to unusual events in the airspace for safety reasons.


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