September 27, 2023

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‘Alien mummies of Nazca’: a mock-up made of animal bones, glue and paper

‘Alien mummies of Nazca’: a mock-up made of animal bones, glue and paper

After Jaime Mawson, ufologist and journalist, will present Congress of Mexico ‘Tridactyl Nazca Humanoid Mummies’ (with three fingers) were discovered Peru, many doubts have been raised about the reliability of these models. This story has once again put our country in the center of attention, which previously attracted the interest of public opinion and experts.

It cannot be denied that our country has witnessed innumerable historical discoveries that have left an indelible mark. From ancient times Carol civilizationAll the way to the ancient, enigmatic Incas of the Americas with their majesty So much so. However, some bad practices put our image at risk. This is due to the resurgence of the story of alleged ‘aliens’ being discovered in Nazca in 2017.

A total of five samples were found in the cities Palpa and Nazca, very close to the geoglyphs. Specimens found today at San Luis Gonzaga University (UNICA) were cataloged in 2017.The great archaeological discovery of the 21st centuryBecause some pseudo-scientists suggested they were ‘aliens’.

Mummies on display Three fingers on each hand, long skulls and short trunks, leading some to speculate that they may be extraterrestrial systems. Furthermore, the theory is presented Nazca lines, representations of animals, plants, and geometric shapes painted on Earth’s surface, created by otherworldly creatures. Some even boldly suggest that they served as landing sites for alien ships.

However, the discovery of five specimens of alleged extraterrestrial origin has been denied. World Committee for Mummy Studies, One of the most important institutes in the study of mummies, as well as other specialists in the subject.

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For example, Ph.D. Rodolfo Salas-GismandiSpecialist attached to Department of Paleontology American Museum of Natural History In America, he explained that these mummies had hands and feet They are actually human remains Fingers are cut off at the edges to achieve that strange ‘alien’ look.

“I conclude that the three fingers on the hand result from the removal of the phalanges and metacarpals of the thumb and little toe. Cutting the skin and soft tissue of the foot behind the toes would produce a foot with very long toes, without an integrated support plant and functionally useless,” he wrote in a pointed out in the article.

Also, in 2020, forensic archaeologist Flavio Estrada examined the bodies on behalf. Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences of Perugave an elaborate lecture in which he argued that the extraterrestrials were actually remnants of pre-Hispanic humans who had undergone transformations for profit.

“The remains of alleged aliens are made from animal and human bones combined with synthetic glue. These are covered with a mixture of plant fibers and synthetic glue to simulate a type of skin. The latest production is established,” he said.

Likewise, the physician and the physical anthropologist Guido LombardiA study of mummies in Peru and around the world indicated that the older individuals were “pre-Columbian creatures modified for commercial purposes, and the smaller mummies are said to be composite structures.”

Last Wednesday, a Mexican journalist presented two mummified remains, said to be child-sized and ‘alien’ in appearance, as sufficient evidence. Existence of extraterrestrial life. Several experts from various countries attended the site, including a military pilot who pointed out that “these phenomena can be seen” in the air about extraterrestrial ships.

Jaime Mawson stuffed bodies of alleged aliens. Photo: House of Representatives

“They’re non-human species, they’re not part of our terrestrial evolution, and after they’re gone, there’s no further evolution,” Mawson told Congress. According to the Autonomous University of Mexico, which carried out the carbon 14 analysis, these creatures are about 1,000 years old, meaning they are not creatures recovered from shipwrecks, but rather buried creatures. “In diatom mines, a 17-million-year-old fossilized algae, phytoplankton that was abundant at the time, became fossilized when it disappeared,” said Jaime Mawson.

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