February 26, 2024

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Sean McDermott: The article was a “hurtful” attack on my character

Sean McDermott: The article was a “hurtful” attack on my character

Bills coach Sean McDermott opened a news conference Thursday by acknowledging that he used the September 11 terrorists as an example of “the importance of communication and being online.” On the same page with the teamDuring a team meeting in 2019, he said he apologized for the gesture during a subsequent meeting with the team.

McDermott said in his press conference on Friday that he addressed those comments with the team again because there were players who were not on the roster in 2019 and he wanted everyone to hear from him about that. McDermott’s comments came as revelations Long article Written by Tyler Dunn on GoLongTD.com about McDermott’s tenure as head coach.

Much of the article criticizes McDermott for his perceived lack of accountability being particularly criticized. McDermott was asked for his response to the article on Friday, and said it had been a “disappointing” and “painful” 24 hours since what he called “an attack on my character” was published.

“I know who I am,” McDermott said. “I know how to try to do things. Am I flawless? No, I’m not flawless and I say that with all humility. I think we’re trying to do things here. That doesn’t mean everything we do is right, people will have their own opinions. I think we’ve won a lot.” “From the matches here since we arrived I am confident of that. I am confident of this football team. People will have their opinions, I can’t control that.”

The word on Friday is that the article is not expected have no effect On McDermott’s job security McDermott said his focus is moving forward with Sunday’s game with the Chiefs which will likely impact any decisions regarding his continued employment in Buffalo.

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