May 23, 2024

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Security War Becomes Major Side of Government | Chile moves ahead with initiatives to counter wave of violence

Security War Becomes Major Side of Government |  Chile moves ahead with initiatives to counter wave of violence

From Santiago

The Security Crisis in Chile It has hit the government hard Gabriel BoricEven that New batch process The fact that Chileans have to elect 50 members of the Constituent Assembly this May 7 has gone into the background: according to the benchmark survey, only 31% of people are interested in a new constitution to replace the 1980 one. After strongly rejecting the first constitutional text in September last year.

Last Thursday’s death of police officer Daniel Palma in Santiago has barely changed the Easter holiday, with Congress approving laws giving more powers to the agency, which has already mourned two deaths this year. Borik demanded a “struggle” from right-wing parties to reach agreements to curb it A wave of violence The country records 4.6 murders per 100,000 people. A figure, although one of the lowest in the region, is a record for the trans-Andean country. Perfect partnersEspecially with Migration Foreigners through unauthorized steps.

The relationship between the police and the Chilean government is certainly not going well. In March, the Minister of the Interior, Carolina Doha, referred to the political class as Director General Ricardo Yance, demanding a legal framework without carabineros and asking his officers to see his words as “hands tied”. The police are not afraid to confront criminals and use all the features the law gives them. should be doubted.” All of this related to the death of First Corporal Alex Salazar in Concepcion, shocking a nation where the number of police officers killed traditionally is low or nil. Doha confirmed in an interview that the government supports his organization and that it is not good to sow doubts about it, pointing out in an interview, “The activities of the Carabineros in Chile, there was a great contradiction in many things. , we had a social explosion and questions to the institutions, but what we have today will tie the hands of the Carabineros in the Chilean society. There is no climate.

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Oppression and corruption

By this he clearly refers to institutional violence during the great protests of 2019 Let go of that Eye damage to 300 people Rubber bullet production Special forces were used to control them and a dozen were killed. But also for that Corruption case More than 130 officials pocketed more than $42 million, the largest in the country’s history, it will be known “Baco-gate”. A play on words between the colloquial name Chileans refer to police officers (“bagos”) and the Watergate case.

Boric: “We are dealing with crime as a state and an organized society”

This conflict with the institution was precisely reflected in the case of Chilean journalist Paulina de Allende Salazar, who mentioned the word “paco” in front of a general who refused to issue a report on Palma’s death until he backed down. Although she immediately corrected the exposure and apologized for the lawsuit, her channel -Mega- deleted her. On the other hand, due to the situation of the Carabinero, there were civil protests in front of La Moneda, some asking Boerique to resign, while he shouted at the Carabinero, who attended with former presidents Michelle Bachelet. , Ricardo Lagos and Sebastian Piñera, and knelt before the widow. If the idea of ​​his advisers wanting to make cinematographic films is to demonstrate his capacity for empathy, To his critics it meant something else: the government on its knees.

however, In a message to Chileans, Poric highlighted the new measures implementedAmong them, Penalties for carrying weapons in public places have been increasedCreation of the crime of extortion in the gendarmerie and an increase of 1,500 million dollars in the budget Development of the “Violence Free Streets” program.

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“We are dealing with crime as a state and as an organized society. There is no left or right. We are united in this crusade, and as the Government of Chile we will continue to speak the truth. We will not allow our police or citizens to continue to engage in criminal activity.

Another poll

All this happens among the premier of the Constitutional Council fringes: fifty citizens writing the proposal for the new constitution and divided into spaces for the Chile Seguro Agreement (right representation); Unity for Chile (Bureaucracy); For Chile (center), representatives of indigenous peoples and two political parties: the Republican Party and the People’s Party, both located on the extreme or “independent” right. As expected, the tone of the representatives of the right wing is critical of the Gabriel Borik administration, and is associated with the success and issue of rejectionism. Crime. Meanwhile, the pro-government fringe focuses on social rights and the need for a constitution that “opens the great fortresses,” to paraphrase Salvador Allende’s well-known phrase.

However, as studies indicate, adherence to this procedure is low. Although the constitution mandates a delegate vote, 54% of Chileans have no clear choice, with 28% rejecting and 18% approving. After a social outburst, an epidemic, a failed first constitutional process and a difficult installation of a government with high expectations, it is almost natural that the country is tired.