July 22, 2024

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Seoane: “Thanks to the partners who contributed” | All the latest independent news

Seoane: “Thanks to the partners who contributed” |  All the latest independent news

The club’s general secretary, Daniel Sion, spoke about the deal with Club America and described the former CD’s mismanagement: “They sent a lot of trout and swifts. We have to apologise,” he said.

“Our board of directors filed a criminal complaint, which will be evaluated by the judiciary. Of course there was negligence on the part of the previous commission.. I must thank the President of Pachuca, Jesús Martínez, who brought us closer to Balcarcel, the president of the United States, and approved the payment plan. Thanks to the partners who contributed, we broke through the gloom monthly with collection and allocation thereof”. Before signing with Club America, Daniel explained Zion early on.

While detailing what happened with the previous administration, the Secretary General gave alarming details: “The previous leadership sent a fake SWIFT number to the US, saying they had transferred the money, which was false. We had to apologize. A shame. We reached an agreement and The ban will be lifted in a couple of days.”

“When we came in we cleared 7 hurdles and brought the team up to date. We don’t have any deadlines for mergers. Now we are in talks to bring in top players They strengthen this team which is short and young”. In a conversation with Radio La Red, the manager gave the assurance by revealing the steps to follow in the future.

Ultimately, Zion outlined what the corporate panorama looks like for the immediate future: “Happened due to incompetence of leadership and lack of management. Today there are two big loans: Silva and Kaibor, 2 million each. “We have already met with an agent of Kaibor in Mexico to try to resolve the issue.”