May 28, 2023

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She was celebrating her wedding when a guest caused a tragedy: he shot her in the air and killed her with a bullet to the head.

A An unfortunate event happened at a wedding When Iranian took the life of his girlfriend in a terrible accidentHe was identified as 24-year-old Mahwash Leghai. The ceremony was going as planned for the couple and their families until a guest decided to celebrate with the country’s dangerous tradition The celebrations ended with a chilling fact. The news spread across the world and spread rapidly on social media.

One of the best days of life ended in tragedy Mahvash LaykeiA A girlfriend who was shot in the head and died minutes later. The incident took place in FirozabadA city in Iran.

As reported by the newspaper New York PostIt revealed the sad story, the accident was the result A historical Iranian custom dating back hundreds of years. It features one of the participants in the event creating an exhibit with guns. As I pointed to the sky, One of the couple’s guests took out a gun and fired the so-called “unknown bullets”, not imagining that they would hit one of the couple.

Unfortunately, one of the projectiles fired by an unidentified person pierced the skull of the bride who immediately fell to the ground. Immediately, The family called the emergency room, but the victim fell into a coma upon arrival at the hospital. He died within hours.

The bride’s cousin allegedly fired the shotsTwitter: @SchengenStory

Colonel Mehdi Joker According to a statement issued to the newspaper Message Flash Facing the emergency, a commando was quickly dispatched. “We received a call about a shooting at a wedding hall in Firozabad and officers were dispatched immediately.”He described.

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After the accident, Amid the commotion surrounding the girlfriend, the shooter fled the scene. However, the police officers who went to the spot arrested him after a few hours. According to the official versions announced by the organization of the troops, The author of the shooting will be a relative of the young woman who died.

“Naturally, Such disruption of public order crosses the red line of the police and to create a safer society, people need to know that shooting at weddings is prohibited.Joker noted that in this way he tried to expel the old Iranian custom, which, to this day, remains in many celebrations.

The bride was shot at the wedding, which was the result of a tradition
The bride was shot at the wedding, which was the result of a traditionTwitter: @SchengenStory

In addition, referring to the author of the scenes and what may happen in future marriages, he pointed out: “We will take strict action against those who violate this rule as it is not a tradition in the country.But it is an act that can end the life of one of those present.

Mahwash is a psychologist and social worker. He specializes in helping drug addicts. According to New York PostHis family decided to donate his organs, which was his wish, and they were able to save three people.