February 1, 2023

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She was denied a student visa to the US three times, but she doesn’t feel guilty: “I cried a lot”

Living and working in America is a dream of many people. However, it doesn’t always work out, and even though thousands of people try, they are rejected. This is the case of a young woman named Laura Rojano She shared her experience on social media when she applied for the visa not once but three timesAnd in all cases he got an unequivocal “No.” “They didn’t give me a reason.”Revealed in an interview with LA NACION.

In three videos she posted on her TikTok account, the young Colombian woman from Barranquilla explained her case in detail, what she felt she needed to do, as well as What they suggest for a successful process. It all started with the first attempt in December 2021.

He was denied a student visa to the US three times until he realized his mistake

Rojano recently returned to Colombia. Available from August 2019 Worked as Oh couple In AmericaAn experience made her fall in love with the country and begin to evaluate the possibilities, Once the nanny contract ends, she can legally return to the country.

As in his time Oh couple He took care of several groups of boys. First of all SeattleThen inside Angels Finally inside San Francisco. But he developed a bond with a family from the latter city beyond work. When her contract ended, they offered her that she would be a nanny for small children aged 3, 4 and 7.

Laura in San Francisco with the children she has cared for for over a year (Courtesy of Laura Rojano)

Hoping to live in America, Laura travels to Colombia. From there to process the student visa. It is necessary to be outside the North American territory during administration. He planned it meticulously and found an institution to study English Went to the first meeting at the embassy in Bogotá. On TikTok, the young woman described what the officer mentioned to her during the meeting “I had just arrived in the country and already wanted to leave again”. It was at that moment that he got his first “no” and no explanation.

He was denied a student visa to the US three times until he realized his mistake

Still eager to fulfill his dreams, he sought advice from experts in the field, who advised him to wait a few months and resubmit his application. He did so, and in February of this year he moved back to Carrera 45 along Cal 26 Avenue, where the embassy in Bogotá is located.

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However, the second “no” came. Although the officer did not explain the reason for the decision on this occasion, the young woman recounted that she was able to read a section of the document containing her rejection. “There are not enough ties to connect her to the country of her birth.”.

Worry, Rosano Again he consulted with experts in the area and formulated a plan. As he studied fashion design, he created his own shoe brand in Colombia with the help of his brother, and six months later he reappeared in Bogotá.

It was the third date and she felt “more than ready.” “In the application I submitted in August, I did not mention the family that hosted me during my time working in the US, but I did. I added my brand”He told LA NACION. However, the last devastating “no” came.

He was denied a student visa to the US three times until he realized his mistake

“I cried a lot that day… I still remember it and it affects me. I felt helpless and disappointed, the world falling apart because I had already made my plans there. I was sure that my visa would be approved this time I already understood what they were asking of me: the relationships with my land and that’s why I created the brand.”He revealed.

After carefully evaluating the situation, the 26-year-old decided to wait at least two years before applying for a visa again. He also explained that after three tries, he figured out that maybe the problem was the way he mentioned it She worked as a nanny, which is why she was fired. However, he shared that he never entertained the thought of lying while filling the DS-160 form.

During her time as a nanny in the US, Laura Rojano also traveled and visited Disneyland California (Courtesy of Laura Rojano)
During her time as a nanny in the US, Laura Rojano also traveled and visited Disneyland California (Courtesy of Laura Rojano)

Almost in tears, he told LA NACION that he didn’t understand how his entire future hinged on the label “approved” or “rejected.” “It hurt me a lot to understand that I couldn’t share with the children I was taking care of, especially because I imagined them growing up,” she said, adding that she knows many. Oh couple They didn’t enjoy the work experience, but it wasn’t for them. “In desperation, it’s the word”he added.

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At 26, his idea of ​​emigration is firm, but after three “no’s,” It was forced to expand its range of options to include Chile, Spain and the United Arab EmiratesBut no decision has been taken yet.

Beyond his dream of living in America, Rojano has no plans to do so illegally, an option that thousands of Latin American citizens attempt daily. While there were those who suggested he pay a “coyote,” he explained that “that wasn’t an option” for him. “I thought everything would be easy, but because I wanted to do things legally and correctly, this happened to me”the mountain