June 3, 2023

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Judges’ response to Christina Kirchner: “An disproportionate attack that weakens democratic institutions”

The National Association of Magistrates and Officers of the Judiciary Cristina rejected Kirchner’s speech, which struck an oral court hearing given by judges to her and lawyers Diego Luciani and Sergio Mola. They asked for 12 years imprisonment for the Vice President. An organization that brings together judges across the country It rejected the offensive expressions of ministers, representatives and senators It is against the judicial authorities.

“The Association of Judges and Officials of the National Judiciary rejects expressions harmful to the republican system by high-ranking public officials of executive and legislative powers”I point to the creature.

The judges said, “There is nothing but the use of inappropriate adjectives in the context of ongoing judicial proceedings. It weakens democratic institutions”, to emphasize that, “these expressions are related to the Ministry of Justice and Public Ministries and Instills distrust in the public”.

They explained that it led to public prayer in favor of Christina Kirchner, known as Valitat. Lazarus PaceThe plea phase is in full swing where the accused parties present their request for punishment and the accused’s lawyers present their arguments in their closing briefs.

“We assume Improper attack on judges and prosecutors”, said the organization, which brings together lawyers, judges and judicial officers across the country. Despite these “attacks”, they insisted that their “calling” would continue AgreementAlways safeguarding the independence of powers and promoting the proper functioning of justice and democracy”.

Note contains signature Marcelo Gallo TagleChairman of the company and Marcelo BellucciGeneral Secretary.

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