May 27, 2024

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She was jailed for 14 years for not paying for fried chicken and broke the peace

She was jailed for 14 years for not paying for fried chicken and broke the peace

Sandra del Pilar is incarcerated in the El Buen Pastor prison After eating a fried chicken, he didn’t pay for it. The woman gave her testimony to the media CityTV.

A mother of a little boy begins her story by giving excuses to eat fried chicken without paying: “My son called me to say he fainted, and I knew he was fainting from hunger.”

After entering the commercial establishment and taking the fried chicken, Security forces noticed the theftThey approached her and took her to a warehouse where they called the authorities.

“They take me to the security area and the police come and tell me I have to go to Palogmao Division,” he said. Sandra del Pilar was released a few hours later and devoted herself to trying to bring sustenance to her home. “We made empanadas, and I made myself known in Mazuren. So I made breakfasts, lunches, lasagnas, quinceaneras, what didn’t I do?

While Sandra was working, the police officers called her and asked for her and her husband’s ID cards: “The agent says to me, ‘Mrs. Sandra, let me get the ID card,’ and when he sees her, he says to me, ‘Put it on.'” A jacket. , some shoes , because we are leaving.

After being removed from the house, the woman was sentenced 13 years and 8 months in prison for eating chicken meat without cancellation.

Woman accused of stealing fried chicken (reference image)

The crime he was charged with was using minors to commit robbery. Her husband has also been convicted of this crime and is being held incommunicado at La Picota.

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