June 19, 2024

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How much is it trading minute by minute on this March 23 and what is its price?

How much is it trading minute by minute on this March 23 and what is its price?

All events of this Thursday transfer day live.

He The dollar is blue the mountain On sale this Wednesday for $391Amid market uncertainty due to the exchange of bonds in dollars for paper in pesos ordered for public companies.


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Paula Lucones

US: Fed hikes interest rate by 0.25 basis points

In one of the most difficult decisions to make in recent years, the US Federal Reserve announced on Wednesday that it would raise interest rates by 0.25 percentage points, seeking a delicate balance to fight inflation while simultaneously addressing the issue. Chaos in the banking and financial system in recent weeks. The rate is now in the range of 4.75% – 5%.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and his colleagues faced the dilemma of either raising interest rates again to reduce inflation — which remains high — or pausing to raise them amid the deepest banking crisis since 2008. It reached Europe with the quake at major banks in the US and Swiss giant Credit Suisse. Read more.

Criticism of the former head of ANSeS by Christina Kirchner to Massa’s actions: “They are playing roulette with pensioners’ savings”

Amid criticism and questions over the government’s decision to sell ANSeS bonds in dollars in an attempt to stem the bleeding of the central bank’s reserves, economy minister Sergio Massa warned when former head of the organization Cristina Kirchner was president. , “Speculations with origin of retirees”.

Annabella Quiroca

Annabella Quiroca

Amid the tension in the markets, the government raised rates and received additional funding in pesos.

This Wednesday, the government closed a new debt tender in pesos, where it raised $416.5 billion and renewed 113% maturity this week, as bonds in dollars were exchanged for documents in pesos ordered for public companies, amid market uncertainty.

The Economic Council raised the rate to 123% per annum to allow banks to provide financing in pesos.

In this way, the treasury received 1,643 concessions. “We owed $367,000 million from the National Treasury, we received offers for a nominal value of $664,000 million, and we accepted $416,500 million,” Finance Secretary Eduardo Cetti anticipated via Twitter. Read more.

The blue dollar closed at $391 on Wednesday

After a day in which it rose $8, the blue dollar was down $3 this Wednesday to buy at $387 and sell at $391.

It officially rose 50 cents this Tuesday to close at $204.25 for buying and $212.25 for selling at Banco NaciĆ³n.

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