April 1, 2023

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She was sunbathing on a beach in South Carolina when an umbrella blew up and killed her.

A accident Reminiscent of the famous project 1000 ways to die Or movies The ultimate goal, a woman tragically died on the beach while sunbathing with a common item: an umbrella. Last Wednesday, Tommy Perrault had a freak accident on the beach in Garden City, South Carolina: The umbrella came unstuck in the wind and lodged in his chest, causing his death.

Shocked witnesses rushed to the spot, along with some medical professionals in the area, who did what they could to help the woman when the ambulance arrived. Emergency crews rushed in Tommy Tidelands was taken to Waccamaw Community Hospital, but unfortunately he did not survive and lost his life an hour after the initial injury. Despite doctors’ efforts to keep her alive, she died at 1:33 p.m. The 63-year-old lived in Surfside Beach, Horry County, South Carolina.

This incident is very disturbing Especially since he was a beloved member of the community. For this reason, social networks were quickly flooded with condolences. Scotty’s Surfside Bar posted a tribute on its Facebook page, while county emergency management spokesman Thomas Bell said: WMBT, That It was a terrible loss that took a toll on the residents.

Tommy died after hanging himself from a beach umbrella in North CarolinaTwitter

Similarly, Sherry White, a close friend of the deceased, spoke of the extraordinary person he was: “The most kind and loving person I have ever met. He never said a bad word about anyone. She always puts others first and is inseparable from her husband. If you see Mike, you see Tommy. They had great passion and love for each other”, he shared. The victim’s husband, Mike Perrault, is trying to cope with the loss.

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Tamara Willard, Horry County Coroner, He confirmed that Perrault’s cause of death was blunt force trauma from an impact to the chest with a beach umbrella.. It was a sharp point embedded in his body.

Tommy died by hanging himself from a beach umbrella in North Carolina;  Image is illustrative only
Tommy died by hanging himself from a beach umbrella in North Carolina; Image is illustrative onlyto splash

It’s a rare thing to die from an umbrella on the beach., but this case shows that it is possible. According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, About 3,000 people are injured by these devices each year.. In this reality, it is not clear if the owner of the umbrella will face any charges or if he has already been identified, as the authorities have limited themselves to communicating that the investigation is ongoing.

The problem with beach umbrellas is the pointy part where they stick to the sand, so gusts of wind can rip them off if they’re not properly anchored, like the one in this post. Officials are also investigating the intensity of the August 8 winds that hit this part of North Carolina.