January 28, 2023

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She went to eat at a restaurant with her daughter, but they kicked her out because of the dress she was wearing

A woman was humiliated in public for wearing a dress. This incident happened United Kingdom, Unusual for an island nation, summers wreak havoc on people with temperatures of 33 degrees.

Mother Emma Prince, 34, went to dinner at pizzeria Stonehouse Pizza & Carvery in Wolverton, England. however, The woman could not enter the venue because of the white top she was wearing, which, according to the manager, violated the restaurant’s dress code.

Emma Prince made sure she wasn’t welcome inside the pizzeria with this top

Prince told the media Daily Star Above is the dress purchased from the ASOS online store and it Her intention was not to provoke, but to feel cool and comfortable.

“The manager said she couldn’t go in because she was only wearing a bra,” the woman explained. “I said it’s a crop top, not underwear, and it’s thirty degrees outside,” but the manager didn’t want to give. And replied: “This is a restaurant and this is our policy.”

Prince then asked to see the specified dress code, but was unsuccessful: “He didn’t show me anything. He looked me up and down and said over and over that what I was wearing was not a top.”

The prince went to dinner with his two-year-old daughter Penelope, friend Daniel and his son. Her friend was also wearing a top, but the manager let her in because the straps on her top were too wide. Thus, there was Prince had to grab a long-sleeved shirt stored in his car to wear if he wanted to go into the restaurant.

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His surprise was overwhelming when he entered and discovered that many of the other diners were wearing almost nothing. According to the woman, the little ones ran around in diapers, their mothers wore jean shorts, and their fathers were shirtless and shirtless.

Emma described her disgust at being publicly humiliated in front of other diners at Stonehouse Pizza and Carvery.
Emma described her disgust at being publicly humiliated in front of other diners at Stonehouse Pizza and Carvery.

“I can’t understand why I’m being discriminated against for wearing a shirt that shows my stomach. That doesn’t seem fair. People would come up to me and complain about how harsh the manager was. I was boiling in my shirt, but I was afraid that if I took it off and sat in my blouse, I would be kicked out. “I don’t want a confrontation in front of my daughter,” the prince said.

But the problem does not end there. After ordering food, the plates for Daniel and his son arrived within ten minutes, while Emma and Penelope’s plates were never brought to the table.: “Had to wait for more than an hour in 32°C heat. He’s two years old, and having to wait so long is so embarrassing. This was definitely done on purpose. It was like they were making fun of me.

At last the mother was displeased. He decided to leave the pizzeria and take his daughter to eat at McDonald’s. The next day, Prince contacted the restaurant via his Instagram account to inquire about the alleged dress code. And the answer was incredible: “The dress code is to wear whatever makes you comfortable.” Emma asked again as if to confirm the manager’s mistake, “So crop tops are allowed on hot days like yesterday?” “Yes, as long as you’re nice and cool and comfortable, that’s allowed,” they replied from the restaurant.

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Out of anger and bad timing they made her go, The prince promised that she would not return to that place because of the way she was treated. “I am very angry and disgusted with the service they gave me, the manager’s attitude, his discrimination against me and my dress”, he pointed out. “I will never visit Wolverton House again and I would encourage anyone with children not to visit, or anyone who believes in human rights and freedom to dress without being judged, belittled or scorned.”