June 22, 2024

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She went to pet the royal guard’s horse and the soldier’s reaction horrified her.

She went to pet the royal guard’s horse and the soldier’s reaction horrified her.

This week, a video went viral on Tiktok where you can see what happens when someone dares to touch someone’s horse. The Queen’s Guard of England in the “Horse Guards” located in the heart of London. Although tourists can approach to take photos with military personnelThe truth is that who wears their characteristic clothes and stands guard for a long time They recommend that they do not approach animals from that location because they face repercussions.

“We will never go back to London after this,” wrote TikTok user Ethan, who shared the clip. Stepmother approaches the horse of one of the queen’s guards and tries to photograph it.

The reaction of the Queen’s guard when a tourist tried to touch his horse’s bridle

However, on seeing the woman, the seemingly silent guard broke his silence and shouted at her: “Get away from saving the queen’s life, don’t touch the reins!”. Faced with the hostility of the challenger, the victim immediately moved away in fear.

He was a pretty angry little man”, added in the comments TikTok userHe also shared two more videos on how the Queen’s guards carry on in different situations.

The publication exceeded 26 thousand comments on the social network, and the one that received the most likes defended the man: “They have work to do, don’t go near them”. And another that made an impact: “It’s not Disney, they’re workhorses And serve the army”.

The soldier’s reaction left the woman speechless (Photo: Video capture)

There is an explanation for the cop’s reaction: The army warns tourists not to approach the horses as their reactions can be unpredictableHowever, their spokesmen said that they take these types of videos into account because they want tourists to have a good time at the Horse Guards in London.

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“This area is especially touristy and busy at times Soldiers on guard duty must shout loudly to warn the public if they come too close to the horsesWhat happened in this case,” a military spokesperson reported to a local media outlet.

“We have boards placed next to the horse stallsHorses bite and we always encourage the public to stay away from horsesAfter all, they are animals and unpredictable”, concluded the report after the incident that happened in June but went viral this month.

Many users defended the man (Photo: Video capture)
Many users defended the man (Photo: Video capture)

It should be noted that the Horse Guards are one of the two Home Guards regiments of the British Army, along with the Life Guards, and were formed in 1969. As regards the attitude to be maintained by soldiers on guard duty It is clear that they cannot laugh at the public and cannot touch themBut if they sense they’re too close, they can shout to issue warnings, like in the viral TikTok video.