March 29, 2023

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Tourist Customs: How to get a VAT refund in Spain and Italy

Civil guards guard the Adolfo Suarez-Barajas airport in Madrid in a file photo. EFE / Fernando Villar

Argentine customs began restricting high-end consumption Arrivals from Spain are not reported by Argentine tourists who wish to include those arriving from Italy.

Official sources said Infobay That “As a result of the exchange of information with Spain, these restrictions are already being applied”. Among other unannounced products, drones, high-end watches, clothing and luxury brand handbags were found.

Henceforth, when an Argentine tourist requests a tax refund at a Spanish airport (“Tax Refund”) for goods purchased in that country, a A warning that goes directly to Argentina customs with that information.

The government controls high-end purchases through a system that notifies customs when an Argentine requests a VAT refund in Spain.  (REUTERS/Ints Kalnins)
The government controls high-end purchases through a system that notifies customs when an Argentine requests a VAT refund in Spain. (REUTERS/Ints Kalnins)

In this Act, Infobay Revealed how “tax refund” systems work in Spain and Italy:

To claim a VAT refund, Argentines must purchase one Duty free shopsWhere should they be? Fill out a form and request a stamp on tickets or invoices. An amount is required A minimum of EUR 90.15 collects the same purchase tickets In the same store or in different stores sharing the same CIF. Goods must have been purchased 3 months prior to requesting a VAT refund at customs, where they must be presented with DNI, passport, visa, flights and other documents.

If you plan to visit multiple EU countries, you must collect all tickets and tax exemption forms and present them at the last airport before leaving the EU.

If “Tax Refund” is claimed MadridIn addition to carrying out the procedure at the Civil Guard Invoice Visa Offices, the invoice can be stamped through the electronic system. With this method, the traveler must request a DIVA form at the shops, which can be verified electronically at the stamping points available at Madrid-Barajas Airport. You can get a refund at the store where you made the purchase or at the duty-free management agencies located in the boarding area, paying the corresponding commission. Tax free process Barcelona It is similar to Madrid Airport.

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There are also duty-free shops in Spain that offer refunds on the spot. Although this method is faster than doing it at airports, it is more expensive because you have to pay the administration.

The government is trying to add control over goods bought in Italy.  (REUTERS/Manuel Silvestri)
The government is trying to add control over goods bought in Italy. (REUTERS/Manuel Silvestri)

Although the government is not currently restricting undeclared consumption from Italy, it plans to do so soon.

In Italy each product has a different VAT that varies from 4 to 22 percent Its value. The same is always indicated in the price list.

To apply for a “tax refund” in Italy, products are required Personal or family useRespect Each invoice submitted must exceed EUR 154.94Purchased goods must leave European territory within three months of purchase and must be carried or carried in personal luggage.

To get a refund in Italy, Argentines must:

1. Purchase items or goods in the business that are tax exempt. When in doubt, ask the staff before purchasing. There are various companies to carry out the procedure in Italy, such as Global Refund or Premier Tax Free.

Two. Fill the tax-free form specifying personal data, passport number and other requested information. It is important to keep the form provided by the business as the original payment invoice. In some cases, they put a “no charge” stamp directly on the invoice. While filling the form, there is a high possibility that you will be asked for your passport, so it is recommended to have it ready.

3. At the last airport leaving Italian territory, before boarding your luggage, visit the duty-free receipts stamped counter. They need to submit receipts, payment invoices, personal documents and in some cases flight tickets. At this box office they will put official stamp of tax free receipts.

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Four. Upon entering the airport, look for the offices of the same company and claim the VAT refund with the previously stamped receipt. They can order it in cash (a small commission is charged) or directly to a credit card (which arrives in 5 or 6 business days). It is important to consider that this whole process can take anywhere from an hour to two hours, so it is important to allow enough time.

If the flight is at night, the refund claim counter is closed or there is a long queue and they might miss the flight, they can leave the package (already sealed) at one of the company’s mailbox counters. Repayment in this case is through letter of credit.

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