June 16, 2024

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Silvina Escudero speaks out on the complaint against Jay Maman: “I feel very strange about all this”

Silvina Escudero speaks out on the complaint against Jay Maman: “I feel very strange about all this”
Silvina Escudero spoke about the complaint against Jay Mammon

After the media scandal unleashed by the sexual abuse allegations Jai Maman vs Lucas BenvenutoMuch of the art community was shaken by their bond with the former host Morphy’s Rock (Telephone). Among them, Silvina Escuderowho assisted him in victory MamonsInterviews and concerts broadcast in the US between January 4 and December 24, 2021.

“I think I’m surprised like everyone else. You see, there’s not much to say, it’s a very special topic. We’re all hurt, sorry, surprised. I think it’s something that happens to all of us,” the dancer said when approached by a mobile worker. they (USA).

I was watching the show Afternoon, speaking of Lucas, who did not mention his name, but he said: “He is a Telef driver, a musician …”. I said: ‘It can’t be. Who will be? Someone is up late at night…’. If he doesn’t give it to me it’s Jay. What seems real to me is that we are all wondering, hurting, grieving, and trying to sort out what happened. It will take a few days to process that information,” Escudero said of his feelings after hearing the news.

I hope there will be many more versions. You should always believe the victim or reporting person, and in this case or in any case, you should always believe the complainant. But things can be different. God wants to do that. And indeed let it be all that it should be. Let the justice decide what happens, if so, the biggest punishment, clearly,” he said in this regard.

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Silvina took to her Instagram account to describe what she felt when she saw the statement through a video made by Jai Mammon. “I was moved to tears. Hearing what Lucas had to say brought tears to my eyes as well. When I look at programs that deal with matter. I’m always consuming information because it worries us, passes us all, we wish it wasn’t like that, we wish there was justice. It seems to me that this is what will happen to society as a whole,” he reiterated.

On the other hand, he described it at the time he shared it Mamons, Jai “did not comment on any of the complaints and this was never discussed. I knew Jay before he was known, I always had a relationship with him, it was never discussed”.

“I haven’t spoken to him these days. I go through all this and stay up till dawn looking at information about it. All of us who were Jay’s friends and comrades are going through it. He thinks I am the first one… I went to his theater second and passed the hat. I remember at that time he was encouraging everyone to follow him on Twitter because he only had 10 followers … I’ve known him forever,” she added about her relationship with the defendant.

Silvina Escudero in Los Mammons, 2021 hosted by Jay Mammon.

“I feel very strange about all of this. I feel sad, that boy’s life is causing me so much pain. The life that Lucas had has saddened me… May he rest in peace, may he somehow heal. On top of this, he was abused since he was 3, 4 years old and his whole life. .. His life is crazy. Poor, poor “, closed Escudero.

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