September 27, 2023

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Spain: A Socialist as Congress President Brings Sánchez Closer to Re-Election | Francesna Armengol received 178 delegates

Spain: A Socialist as Congress President Brings Sánchez Closer to Re-Election |  Francesna Armengol received 178 delegates

Spain’s Congress of Representatives, emerging from the last elections, was established on Thursday and a Socialist was elected to lead it. Thanks to the support of Catalan separatists, it increases the chances of the re-election of the acting leader of the government, Pedro Sánchez, a Socialist. The Francina Armengol, who speaks Catalan52 years old, He got 178 delegates votesTwo more than absolute majority including members of the assembly Junds per Catalunya was the creation of Carles Puigdemont, representing the hard wing of the Catalan independence movement.

ArmengolHe was the regional head of the Balearic Islands region, culturally closest to Catalonia. He defeated Guka Kamara, the candidate of the right-wing Popular Party (PP).Meaning A serious blow to its leader Alberto Núñez Feijo’s intention to head the government. The PP won the majority of votes in the July 23 general election, but fell short of an absolute majority in 176 of the 350 seats in the Congress, which will elect the government’s future president, not even with its seats. Allies of the far-right party Vox.

Barcelona attack

Armengol’s candidacy was supported by Puigdemont’s libertarians, who have been refugees in Belgium since 2017 and claimed by the Spanish judiciary. A contract Promoted by Sanchez Provides that delegates may use Catalan and other Spanish languages ​​in Congress. It says Spain is trying to get these languages ​​to work in the EU and is considering creating a commission of inquiry into alleged spying on Catalan independence by Spanish intelligence services.

Also, the deal contemplates Create a commission of inquiry into the 2017 jihadist attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils, In which this Jupiter represents six years, Because libertarians are suspicious of government. We need to clarify Spanish intelligence’s “connections” with “Imam es-Satti,” the ideologue of the attacks, and “clarify why the state apparatuses, if they had information about the attack, could not avoid it,” he said. Junds in a statement about the attacks, which killed 16 people. These attacks have already been attempted and ended with the conviction of three survivors of the nine-man jihadist cell.

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Despite this Thursday’s support, the Junts and the ERC (Catalonia Republican Left) insist that the agreement for the presidency of the Congress does not guarantee Sánchez a future investment. Congressional ERC spokesman Gabriel Ruffian said it would be another negotiation that “will be very complicated.” Puigdemont cautioned the PSOE, recalling that his party’s position regarding Sánchez’s potential investment “was right after the election” and that Thursday’s deal was limited to the congressional schedule.

Diversity and Women’s Rights

First words Armengol As the third power of the state they used Catalan, Galician and Euskera. “Respectfully, all ideas are applicable and can be defendedThe socialist president stressed that the careless acceptance of the diversity of ideas and identities that exist in our country enriches us”, emphasizing the Chamber’s “duty” to “reflect this diversity”, to be “closer to the real Spain”. It is “diverse” and “full of colors and nuances.”

In this context, Armengol asked us to always respect the opinions of others “without hating and insulting”. The former head of the Council of Mallorca began his speech by showing solidarity with the victims of the fires in Tenerife, warning that “democracies are suffering the erosion of forces that want to end them from within”, declaring a “climate emergency” and against sexual violence.

“The worst atrocity of our democracy is that women are abused and killed for the simple fact of being women.”Recalling the “unbearable toll” of 35 people killed so far this year, the Congress leader’s first pledge to “work tirelessly” to end violence against women is set to be made.

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I promise to work so that a woman holding the leadership of the Congress should not be a story. I promise to work to improve our democracy,” Armengol said, quoting philosopher Maria Zambrano: “If democracy is to be defined, it can be done by saying that it is not just a person, but a community. needed.”

Next steps

With the Congress already established, the next step in the process of forming an executive comes when the Spanish head of state, King Felipe VI, nominates a candidate for the position of president or head of government, who will be proposed by the new president. The House of Representatives, i.e. said by Armengol.

To be elected as the head of the government, The candidate must obtain an absolute majority in the first ballot in the Chamber of Deputies or a simple majority in the second ballot after 48 hours. If no one achieves the necessary support, Spain must hold new elections within the next six months.

PSOE Spokesperson in Congress, patxi lopezAlberto Núñez said this Thursday that the constitutional session of the lower house shows that Feijo “cannot appear in any investiture”. “He entered the chamber promising 171 standing votes and left with 139.”López said of the PP leader, insisting that he was “impossible to reach any agreement with absolutely anyone”.

“Therefore he cannot present himself in any investment; by this PP it is impossible, as has been made clear and proved”Lopez highlighted that the only “possible” president is Pedro Sánchez. That is why we are going to achieve an inauguration that will illuminate a progressive government and legislature, not retrogrades. Today we are closer to achieving that,” he noted.

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