September 29, 2023

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Christian Zurita: “Fernando Villavicencio was not murdered for what he said, but for what he planned to do in Ecuador”

Christian Zurita: “Fernando Villavicencio was not murdered for what he said, but for what he planned to do in Ecuador”
Cristian Zurita, 53, wants to rule Ecuador to continue the legacy of Fernando Villavicencio

from Fernando VillavicencioA candidate for the presidency of Ecuador was assassinated Christian Zurita (journalist and friend who has investigated several corruption cases that have rocked the politics of Ecuador and the region with the politician) appeared in the public scene with the intention of continuing the legacy of the fallen candidate.

Konstruye 25, the party of a former government minister, Maria Paula Romo, announcing that Zurita would replace Villavicencio in the election race, the journalist who has held the job for 30 years jumped into politics in an unplanned move. With that decision, 53-year-old Zurita filed his candidacy, which was challenged by Corismo and later approved by the National Electoral Council. Since he was announced as a candidate, heavy police security has been put in place with Surita. He himself should wear bulletproof vest and helmet. They’re looking to make sure he doesn’t run away with the same fate as Villavicencio.

This Thursday, three days before the extraordinary election on August 20, for the first time, Zurita did not wear a security jacket, but he was surrounded by security and a policeman escorted him at gunpoint. Now the candidate appeared at an international press conference.

Cristian Zurita and Fernando Villavicencio receive the Jorge Mantilla Ortega Journalism Award for their investigation of the Arroz Verde case, which was the main reason for Rafael Correa’s conviction.

Zurita, better known as Villavicencio’s successor, has vowed to continue his foray into politics. legacy of his friend. The reports have given him a scathing criticism of whether he is ready to take on the leadership of a state facing unprecedented violence. Investigative journalism, a field in which he has worked, has given Zurida the ability to identify problems and learn how public institutions operate and how they are affected by the tentacles of corruption and organized crime. He described himself as a methodical person and promised to work with people smarter and better than him. For his office, he is looking for technical profiles with experience in the public sector.

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“Fernando Villavicencio’s voice cannot be silenced. There is one who can handle… We have accepted the challenge to keep the word of those who gave their lives for this country.“, said.

Referring to investigations into Villavicencio’s murder and the possible participation of foreign entities, Zurita said “After his death there is a transnational mafia (Fernando Villavicencio). It should be integrated from various points with the decisions made in Ecuador at the highest level. He also revealed that he is a high-risk character: “I have the same level of risk as Fernando VillavicencioBecause the threats were always there: ‘Let’s go to everyone’”.

Christian Zurita in a discussion with the international press (Infobae/ Yalilé Loaiza)

In addition, Zurita said that the team accompanied by Fernando Villavicencio will wait for the beginning of the electoral silence that will begin at midnight this Thursday and will sit with the officials of the State Prosecutor’s Office and learn about the information under investigation. , finding out what the FBI’s participation in the case will be, noting the instructions: “The major problem with any process followed by the prosecutor’s office and the police.”

If he becomes president, the first thing Zurita will do is strengthen the security agencies: “The police must know which side they are on.” His security plan includes purging the police leadership:We said, the police know everything”.

Among those proposed by Villavicencio and what Zurita wants to implement is the strengthening of the police and armed forces, focusing mainly on Intelligence Services: “If you don’t have intelligence, you can’t fight organized crime groups. “You can’t fight if we don’t know how it works,” he explained.

The demilitarization of the ports is one of Jurida’s main defense projects (EFE/Juan Diego Montenegro)

For the candidate, a key proposition Demilitarization of ports. This proposal, according to Zurita, cost Fernando Villavicencio his life. Ecuador has already been identified by local police and the US State Department and the United Nations as a shipping point for drug exports to North America, Central America and Europe. Drugs flow out of the ports, especially Guayaquil.

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He also spoke about the need to upgrade police equipment.They cannot be countered with batons against guns”. He also proposed the need to create an anti-mafia and anti-terrorism police unit.

When asked by infobae In his international policy, the candidate promised to “lead” Europe and the United States on the need to cooperate in the fight against drugs at a time when the world’s eyes are on Ecuador after the assassination of Fernando Villavicencio. Kidnapping.

Christian Zurita has promised that one of his first actions will be to clean up the police leadership (Infobae/Yalilé Loaiza)

“Ecuador needs to understand a harsh reality. Other regions don’t want to be like us. “Other regions do not see Ecuador, and it will be very difficult for us to recover,” he explained. Speaking that the international community understands that The country is going through an “internal collapse”..

Zurita said there should be mutual benefits: “Europe would certainly be interested in reducing the amount of drugs illegally exported from Ecuador. I think it should be of interest to the United States as well… If (the country) is interested, let it be a partner, let it commit itself,” he said. .

Some 13 million Ecuadorians will vote this Sunday to elect a new president, vice president and 137 members of the legislature. Although Zurita is now a candidate, Fernando Villavicencio’s name and photo will still appear on the ballot with a running mate. Andrea Gonzalez Nader.

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