April 23, 2024

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Spain: PP wins key election and is a blow to Pedro Sanchez government.

Spain: PP wins key election and is a blow to Pedro Sanchez government.

Conservative People’s Party It captured an absolute majority in this Sunday’s election in Andalusia, the historic stronghold of the Left, which dealt a heavy blow to the government’s president’s Socialists. Pedro SanchezOne and a half years before the general election.

More than 50% of the votes were counted at 9:30 pm (local time)The PP won 55 seats allowing it to rule aloneMore than 33 achieved by the Socialists of the PSOE, more than all the left-wing delegates.

Thus, As in Castile y Le லn, the PP does not need to rule the far-right VokesSnatching an electoral argument to the left confirms the determination to moderate The new National Conservative leader, Alberto Nunis Fijo.

The results also point to the return of the PP-PSOE to both parties after alternatives emerged with the Great Depression of 2008.

06/19/2022 19J.- PP won with 55 delegates and 55 delegates for the calculated 44%. With 44.67% of the vote, the PP won the autonomous election in Andalusia with 56 seats and 41.35% of the vote. This figure is 29 more than the 26 MPs who won in the 2018 election and gave him an absolute majority set at 55 seats. Politics of Spain Europe Andalusia

Thus, this Sunday’s elections saw the disappearance of the far left (17 to 7) – the government’s partners in the Socialists in Madrid – and Ciudadanos’ third liberal way (21 to 0). And Vox stagnation (12 to 14).

The Socialist Party (PSOE) The 2018 elections (33) reached such a conclusion that its historic minimum, When regional power was lost for the first time since autonomy was established in 1982Corruption after corruption.

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Andalusia, the most populous region in Spain with a population of 8.5 million and the second largest, was until then a stronghold of the left, and Sanchez appealed to history to vote.

“The biggest improvements on this land have come from the hands of PSOE”The president promised on Twitter.

President of the Madrid Community, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, Celebrated the victory via Twitter and extended his congratulations to Juanma Moreno, the leader of the PPP in Andalusia. “The Left is distorted because the PP manages to think about the citizens and show that politics is not a socialist propaganda, but facts, ideas and coexistence,” he said. “In the face of separatism, hope.”

He hoped that defeat in Andalusia would be a “hard blow” to the Socialists, and that “Sanchez might face an uphill battle for re-election.” Antonio BarrosoPolitical Consultant Analyst I have.

“The PP seems to be gaining more and more momentum, and voter concerns about inflation will make it harder for Sanchez to sell his government’s profits in the upcoming legislative elections.”I notice.

Spain, with its annual inflation of 8.7% in May, has not escaped the international environment of rising food and energy prices, but its major shocking measures – such as subsidizing fuel or putting a cap on gas prices – have not helped control it. they.

One can speculate that the Popular Party has attracted former Socialist voters, from which Fijo wins the battle for the center against Sanchez, and is in a better position to send PP back to the Monclova Palace after being ousted by an audit resolution in 2018. .

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