May 21, 2024

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Spanish Citizenship: Embassy details when to start new “Law of Grandchildren” process that could benefit thousands of Argentinians

Spanish Citizenship: Embassy details when to start new “Law of Grandchildren” process that could benefit thousands of Argentinians

Interest created by the “Eighth Additional Provision” in Argentina The recently passed “Democratic Remembrance Act” By The Spanish Parliament rose at the last hour. This indicates the definite possibility of thousands of grandchildren of the Spaniards During Franco’s rule, those who fled Iberian countries could obtain Spanish citizenship.

This is well known to Spanish consuls in Argentina, who have already begun preparing for a barrage of consultations, According to previous estimates for LA NACIÓN, they may exceed 60 thousand, If we take into account the background of the “Historical Monument Law” that came into force in 2008, more than 60,000 applications were received in the country.

In A conversation with Juan Alvar Merino Cubillo, LA NACIONThe consul in charge of the civil registry of the Spanish Embassy in Buenos Aires said what formal steps remain for the rule approved by the Spanish Senate on Wednesday to take effect and known in Argentina as the “Law of Grandchildren”. “.

“Some time ago, two months ago, the House of Representatives approved the bill and then there was some confusion in believing that it was already a law, the parliamentary process had already ended. But it was approved by the other chamber of senators this week, but it has yet to take effect.”, explained Merino Cubillo.

The final result of the vote in the Spanish Senate.Spanish Senate

The Deputy Ambassador explained: “Now all that’s left is the actual permission. In Spain, laws are signed by the king. It is a process that, once completed, is published in the Official State Gazette (BOE). After publication, the next day, it begins to rule. We still don’t know what day the legislation will be published in the BOE.

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“It may take some time next week or next days within 20 days of approval of Parliament”, advanced Merino Cubillo, explaining that the king does not have veto power after the protocol is approved by both chambers.

Asked about the regulation of the new law, the diplomat explained: “This regulatory process is very important, but it has not happened yet. In other words, the law is very close to being implemented, but it is not done yet and the second point is that every law requires regulation or regulatory development. By this I mean that other, lower-ranking terms are needed that describe it or refer to more technical aspects. Not only regulation, but in our case, there is a general directorate within the Ministry of Justice, formerly known as the General Directorate of Records and the Notary Office, now known as the General Directorate of Security. The addressee is the issuer of instructions describing how this Act is or should be applied.

Regarding the “Eighth Additional Clause”, the diplomat said that it was a clause to be interpreted through regulations. “Here it will be established under what circumstances a person can acquire Spanish nationality because they are descendants of exiles. In the description, for example, It is important to clarify what deportation is. That will come later”.

More than 60,000 are estimated to reach Argentina "Grandchildren Act".
It is estimated that more than 60,000 Argentines will be affected by the “law of grandchildren”.

To bring peace of mind on the matter, Merino Cubillo noted: “We are going to use it from the day after it is published in BOE. By the time they are published, it will come into effect the next day. Then, the Spanish Consulate in Buenos Aires can receive applications. We’re going to do that, yes, by appointment. If this is not the case, because the number of potential beneficiaries is so large, if any potential beneficiary can come to the consulate, we will even create a problem of public order which we do not want to create under any circumstances.

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We don’t have the number of potential beneficiaries, but if we take as a background the “Historical Memory Law” that came into force in 2008, more than 60,000 applications were received in the country, the number could be the same or a little more.. I don’t want to dare to give a number, but it will be a significant number,” said the consul, the largest of the five Spanish embassies in the country. The other four are located in Bahía Blanca, Mendoza, Córdoba and Rosario. As for the Buenos Aires embassy, ​​the largest of the five, it currently offers 80 daily shifts, but that number will be increased under the new law.

“People are going to deposit their files. We are going to analyze and evaluate them. For the latter, we need instructions from that Directorate General of Regulation and Security. We receive files from day one, but their resolution can take days, weeks or months. It will be a process”, said the embassy official.

In this case, the law would apply, the diplomat noted.The day after publication in the BOE. This is good, because the demands and expectations of many citizens of the world from Argentinians and Spanish exiles will soon be fulfilled. But this gives us less time to keep all the elements of judgment, we get the files from the moment they become effective. But, perhaps, they cannot be assessed in each case at the same time.

“Grandson’s Law” There is no age limit to apply. The current regulations, in contrast, only take into account children of Spanish parents who meet any of the requirements described by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

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Act is directly applicable Without the need for the beneficiary to reside in the country for a certain period of time. Currently, Argentines who do not have citizenship or who only have a work or study visa can legally stay in Spain for up to 90 days.

If you become a Spanish citizen, Access is also provided to the local education system, jobs in the European Community and free transport.

The rule could be published in Spain's BOE by the end of the month, and it would take effect the next day.
The rule could be published in Spain’s BOE by the end of the month, and it would take effect the next day.

To obtain Spanish citizenship, it is necessary to submit the following documents:

Once the documents are collected, you access the website of the Consulate of Spain and create a username and password to enter. There you have to request a transfer to one of the five embassies.

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