June 19, 2024

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Stadia’s cloud service hub – Ars Technica – has also shut down

Stadia’s cloud service hub – Ars Technica – has also shut down
Zoom in / RIP Google Stadia.

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Google Stadia is weak; The service felt like a slow moving train wreck from the moment it started. The launch and the life and death of the service have played out the way the naysayers predicted “Nobody Trusts Google” (including your author), but we all had to go through the motions anyway. When Google discontinued the service, the narrative from the company was that Stadia technology would live in the Google Cloud, but according to Stephen Totilo From Axios, even Stadia’s white-label game streaming service is now down.

Stadia was supposed to be Google’s big entry into AAA gaming, with a cloud-based gaming “console” that didn’t actually house a console — the console was the data center, and it streamed the video game to you, just like a YouTube video. The service launched in November 2019 to sales that were well below what Google expected, and the manufacturing dates on the boxes indicate that the company never sold the consoles from initial runs. The first signs that Google was tired of its gaming experience came 14 months later, when it shut down Stadia’s only first-party studio, relegating the service to only third-party ports.

Two years later, news broke that Stadia would be “deprioritized” and turned into a white-label streaming service. Later, Google confirmed that it is bailing out the service as a new offering on Google Cloud called “Immersive Stream for Games”. This means that Google will resell Stadia technology to different companies, allowing them to offer game streaming on their own platforms without any Google branding. This is normal for Google Cloud, which provides a lot of cloud services for companies like Apple, and you will never see the Google logo. Immersive Games has seen three major customers – AT&T offered Batman: Arkham Knight For its subscribers, Peloton has launched a cycling game called Lanebreak on exercise bikes, and Capcom launched a Resident Evil Village View on the web.

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When Stadia’s closure was officially announced, Stadia VP and General Manager Phil Harrison did so much about Stadia’s technology going, that the title was called “A Message About Stadia and Its Long-Term Streaming Strategy”. The post reads: “The underlying technology platform that supports Stadia has been widely proven and goes beyond games. We see clear opportunities to apply this technology across other parts of Google such as YouTube, Google Play and our efforts in augmented reality (AR) – such as As well as making it available to our industry partners, that aligns with where we see the future of gaming.”

It appears that all of the “gaming” stuff has been killed off, and all of the partners of Immersive Stream for Games have shut down their projects. AT&T’s Batman connection Now redirects to a free trial of another cloud gaming service, GeForce Now, while vampire connection Only 404 seconds. The only “live” left on the Google Cloud site is “XR immersive streaming,” which shows an augmented reality show in the cloud. Instead of doing anything on Linux boxes in Google Stadia, this is limited to Unreal Engine. Google Immersive Stream for XR Examples Include one tutorial scenario and a range of ad use cases, such as driving around in a new BMW, testing kitchen renovations, or trying on an outfit. You must be wondering how much runway Project XR has, and so far, promised Stadia spinoffs on YouTube or Google Play haven’t materialized.