March 25, 2023

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Stars and Phillies in a big series? We’ve seen this before.

Stars and Phillies in a big series?  We've seen this before.

Schmidt said, “This guy, if not TheThe greatest performer under pressure I have ever seen.”

The Phillies of the Harper era are making their first visit to the World Series, just as the Phillies of Schmidt did in 1980. The Houston series that got them there may be the most disturbing and fixing post-season series ever.

“It was definitely a wild and unforgettable baseball series,” Jason Stark wrote in the Philadelphia Inquirer, even before the tumultuous ending. “He would have made a baseball fan out of an armadillo.”

The Astros – who moved to the MLS in 2013 – made their first post-season appearance as champions for NL West. Meanwhile, the Phillies lost in the NLCS in 1976, 1977, and 1978. In 1980, they were named league MVP Schmidt, Steve Carlton’s Cy Young winner, and an unsettling sense that their core veterans—Bob Boone, Larry Boa, Greg Lozinski, Gary Maddox – He may never keep his promise.

“The scale of what this meant was really extreme,” said Ed Wade, then Astros director of public relations.

It’s been an eventful year for the Astros. Prior to the season, they signed two Hall of Famers into free agency: second base officer Joe Morgan and rookie Nolan Ryan, who teamed up with another strike artist, J.R. Richard, for the most dominant tandem rotation in baseball. Richard then suffered a career-ending stroke in late July.

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