April 22, 2024

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Sterling K.'s admiration. Brown's Halle Bailey performance in “Little Mermaid” made her cry

Sterling K.'s admiration.  Brown's Halle Bailey performance in “Little Mermaid” made her cry

Fraser Harrison/Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Sterling K. Brown and Halle Bailey at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on February 24 in Los Angeles.


Halle Bailey and Sterling K. Brown could create a fan club for each other.

Brown, his wife, Ryan Michelle, Bath, and Billie shared a loved-up moment on the red carpet on Saturday Screen Actors Guild AwardsThe “Little Mermaid” star was overwhelmed with admiration when she saw the couple.

The three were chatting with Entertainment Tonight's Nichelle Turner when Brown and Pathy told Bailey, 23, how impressed they were with her performance in the remake of the Disney animated classic.

“It's beautiful,” Brown said. “You acted so well for us. I mean, we were in tears at the end because you were beautiful. Your soul is beautiful, and your talent was radiant.”

Billie, visibly touched, expressed her gratitude for the compliments.

“If you had done it and been bad, no one would have messed around. But you killed it!” Brown joked before reenacting the scene in the movie when Ariel emerges from the water onto a rock singing “Part of Your World.”

Bath also showered Billie with praise and noticed her Historical casting.

“You don't understand, I watched this movie every day from the age of 12 to 16,” Bath said, holding back tears. “I didn't think I'd see us. And it wasn't just us, it was you too. I brought you and then I brought us to get you.”

“It was an indescribable joy for me,” Bath added.

Billie said it was her first time at the SAG Awards. She and the cast of “The Color Purple” were nominated for Best Ensemble Performance in a Motion Picture.

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