July 24, 2024

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Super Mario Run celebrates the launch of Mario Wonder with a free stage unlock

Super Mario Run celebrates the launch of Mario Wonder with a free stage unlock
Image: Nintendo

To celebrate the recent launch of Super Mario Bros. Wonder on the Switch, Nintendo has announced that it will be hosting a special event in the mobile title Super Mario Run.

During this timed event, anyone who has not yet purchased the game can play a paid phase of the game for free. This stage will change daily and the show will run until the end of November.

“You can play a paid stage for free every day during the event, even if you haven’t purchased Super Mario Run. The paid stage you can play changes every day, so this is a good opportunity to enjoy some stages you may not have played yet!”

To participate in this event, you will need to make sure your copy of Super Mario Run is updated to the latest version. If you want to play all levels, you will need to purchase the full game. If you link your Nintendo Account, you’ll also be able to enjoy two paid stages for free every day.

Here’s a little bit about Super Mario Run, if you haven’t played it before.

“A Mario game that you can play with one hand! You control Mario by tapping as he continuously runs forward. Timing your taps to do stylish jumps, mid-air spins, and wall jumps to collect coins and reach the goal. Unlock multiple Mario friends as playable characters They master the courses with their unique abilities.”

Of course, you can always check out Mario’s new side-scrolling bar on Switch, too. We’ve praised it here on Nintendo Life, calling it the best 2D Mario game since the Super Nintendo era.

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