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5 new features hinted at in leaked GTA 6 gameplay footage

5 new features hinted at in leaked GTA 6 gameplay footage

Leaked gameplay videos of GTA 6 took the internet by storm at the end of 2022. While Rockstar Games was maintaining strict secrecy, a teenage hacker named Arion Kurtaj allegedly leaked around 100GB of data from the upcoming game into the public domain. This incident gave the gaming community a rough hint as to what Rockstar Games has been cooking up for years.

While most of the leaked clips have been deleted from the internet, bits and pieces continue to circulate within the community. This article lists five new features revealed by GTA 6 leaked clips so far.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects only the views of the author. The leaked data cannot be displayed here due to legal restrictions.

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5 new gameplay features revealed in leaked GTA 6 videos

1) Seamless switching between characters

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Starting with GTA 5, Rockstar Games began including multiple characters, and Grand Theft Auto 6 will also feature at least two new heroes. While the character switching mechanism in the current game is decently fast, the game studio is trying to improve it, as we saw in the leaked videos.

One of the clips showed the camera moving between the two protagonists, Jason and Lucia, in record time.

In Grand Theft Auto 5, the camera zooms out to the current character, locates the new character, and projects it onto them. However, in the leaked clip, the camera immediately changes to the other character with new animations.

2) Pick up and drop items

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Rockstar Games will allow you to pick up and drop various items, including weapons, in the upcoming game. Multiple clips from GTA 6 leaks showed Jason and Lucia dropping their items and picking up new items from the floor. In Grand Theft Auto 5, you can only pick up certain special items from the environment.

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Dropping items in GTA 5 is only allowed if the game’s AI removes them from your inventory. However, you will be able to pick up and drop almost every interactable object in the upcoming game.

3) Improving police AI

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New police AI has been a trending topic for days in the Grand Theft Auto community. Rockstar Games is said to be introducing a new demanding level mechanic that will challenge unruly players to the fullest. The leaked clips showed a new timer that provides an estimate of when cops will arrive at your location.

Police chases have also become more intense, and law enforcement in the upcoming game won’t be afraid to arrest you using any means necessary. The cops will also have new tactics to deal with the heroes.

4) Improved ragdoll mechanics

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Many players often complained that the Ragdoll mechanic in Grand Theft Auto 5 was a downgrade from GTA 4. However, Rockstar Games seems to be addressing this issue by implementing more improved Ragdoll physics in the upcoming game.

Grand Theft Auto 5’s Ragdoll effects are pre-recorded and produce the same effects every time. However, one of the leaked clips showed the implementation of realistic Ragdoll effects in GTA 6. Although the effects were not as polished as those in Grand Theft Auto 4, many fans are looking forward to trying out the new mechanics once the game is released.

5) New combat situations

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Rockstar Games is said to be introducing new combat mechanics and situations never before seen in the series. Up until now, Grand Theft Auto games have allowed you to take cover, crouch, and hide behind blocks to protect characters from enemies. However, in the next GTA game, you will be able to prone, crawl, and use many other positions.

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Rockstar was also seen adding new combat positions for characters to use while inside the vehicle. One clip showed Jason and Lucia crawling out the car window to fire weapons. They were also able to perform regular stunts without relying on any objects, such as walls or blocks.

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