November 30, 2023

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Super Smash Bros. Pack Nintendo Switch OLED Black Friday is available now

Super Smash Bros. Pack  Nintendo Switch OLED Black Friday is available now

Nintendo’s Black Friday 2023 has arrived, and anyone in the market for a Nintendo Switch OLED shouldn’t miss out. While supplies last, you can Get the official Nintendo Switch OLED bundle that comes with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and a three-month subscription to Nintendo Switch Online for $350. The pack has already started selling online at several retailers, so if you’re interested, we recommend securing one quickly. Also keep in mind that even if the product is not available for delivery, you may be able to order online and pick it up at your local store.

Owned by Amazon (via Amazon Japan) Japanese version of this package Comes with an adorable decorative box, carrying bag, and Smash Bros. drink coaster. For $356. And since the Switch is region-free, you’ll get the same experience as you get with the Switch in North America.

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The Super Smash Bros. Switch OLED isn’t the only holiday package you can get right now. You can also get the standard Nintendo Switch with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Switch Online for $299. while, Walmart (blue) And target (pink) Get the exclusive Animal Crossing: New Horizons-themed Switch Lite bundles that come with the game for $200.

Outside of console bundles, Nintendo’s official Black Friday lineup includes deals on premium exclusives as well. There is, too Super Mario Party Joy-Con bundle for $100 Which comes with new red/blue controllers. If you’re purchasing a Switch console, this Mario Party bundle is a great way to get extra controllers along with a fun multiplayer game for your next game night.

We’ve included a list of some of the featured Nintendo Switch Black Friday game deals below. Now’s your chance to get some of the best Switch games for $30.

Black Friday deals on Nintendo Switch games

Black Friday deals for Nintendo Switch consoles

Hori Split Pad Pro - Pokemon Legends: Arceus Edition
Hori Split Pad Pro – Pokemon Legends: Arceus Edition

There are also some great deals on some of the best Nintendo Switch accessories, including the Pro model 8BitDo the ultimate console With charging base and Hori Split Pad Pro And Built-in split panel-Best Switch controllers for handheld gaming. And if you want a great controller for retro games on Switch Online, then 8 Bitdo SN30 Pro It has a SNES-style form factor with all the inputs you need for modern games, too.

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