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Brighton Journal | 21st November 2019

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The Tap Takeover is set to bring some of the best beer to Brighton’s pubs

27th April 2018 |

For the last two years Brighton Tap Takeover has drawn in crowds from far and wide to drink some of the best brews in the UK. This year they bring their beers to 15 pubs across the city with 18 … Read More

Brighton’s Best Boozers For After Work Drinks

18th July 2017 |

It may be a Tuesday but it’s also summer and who are we to deny you hard workers the pleasure of an after work drink with colleagues? To make things a little easier we’ve found the best watering holes to … Read More

Best Of Brighton Restaurants: For Dates

16th June 2017 | 2

With an impressive ratio of 1 restaurant to every 250 people, saying that there’s too much choice when it comes to eating out in Brighton would be an understatement. Deciding where you can afford, where will serve the best food … Read More

Brighton’s Best Pub Quizzes

14th June 2017 | 3

What could be better than relaxing in a pub or a beer garden on a warm Summer’s evening? Well, relaxing in a pub or beer garden and getting involved in a pub quiz on a warm Summer’s evening! Brighton’s pubs play host … Read More

Brighton’s Best Beer Gardens

7th June 2017 | 1

Despite some temperamental weather of late, it is still June and that means sitting out, absorbing some rays and drinking a cold pint of whatever you fancy. With that being said, we understand with so much choice in Brighton’s beer … Read More

Brighton’s Best Cocktail Bars

1st June 2017 | 1

The arrival of Summer can only mean one thing… Cocktails. With Brighton’s impressive nightlife scene, of course you’ll find yourself with quite a few cocktail bars to choose from. So to simplify things for you, we’ve narrowed it down to … Read More

Good News! The Hollingbury Is Open Again

15th March 2017 |

After five long weeks of renovation, popular neighbourhood pub the Hollingbury reopened its doors this week and got the pints flowing once again.

Owner Lianne Halstead welcomed dozens of loyal locals to the re-opening event this Monday evening, along with Councillors … Read More